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Build an Employee-First Culture with the Power of Appreciation

Make peer-to-peer recognition the new norm, where your workforce thrives on celebrating each other’s wins. Effortlessly reward with a streamlined and simple approach.
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employees switch jobs due to inadequate recognition at work

$ 3.4k

loss per $10,000 for organizations with disengaged employees


revenue growth achieved with a strong company culture

ThriveSparrow’s solution to elevate Employee Recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Let an employee simply tag a peer to recognize and appreciate.
Reinforce Org Values
Strengthen culture by embodying core organizational values daily.
Unlock Powerful Insights
Spotlight top talent and discover keys to organizational growth.
Make Rewarding Simple
Effortlessly celebrate success with a simplified and impactful reward system.

ThriveSparrow’s solution to elevate Employee Recognition

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Elevate Employee Experience Once and For All Using ThriveSparrow's Employee Success Platform



Get feedback, uncover insights, and drive employee engagement at ease



per month / employee

  • All Standard Features
  • Research Backed Question Banks
  • Build Customizable Surveys
  • Multiple Survey Collaborators
  • Powerful Engagement Analytics
  • Analyze with Heatmap
  • Hierarchy Based Dashboard for Managers
  • Customizable Survey Templates
  • Schedule and Launch with Cut-Off date
  • Customizable Notification Templates
  • Participant Reminder Customization
  • Score Comparison with Internal Engagement Benchmark
  • Granular Engagement Analysis with Reporting factors
  • Score Distribution with Demographic Filters

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Celebrate and reward employees’ successes to foster a culture of recognition



per month / employee

  • All Standard Features
  • Fully Customizable Kudos Cards
  • Give and Receive Kudos from Slack
  • Automap Org Values to Kudos
  • Point System Customization
  • Redeemable Rewards
  • Admin Reports
  • Insightful Kudos Analytics
  • Reward Moderation Workflow
  • Recurring Leaderboard Updates
  • Customizable Notification Templates
  • Kudos History

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Engage + Kudos

All in one people success suite to truly redefine your employee experience initiatives



per month / employee

  • All features from Engage
  • All features from Kudos
  • All Standard Features
  • All-in-One Employee Directory
  • HRIS Integrations
  • Customizable Account Settings
  • Custom Domain
  • Single Sign On
  • Branding

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Stay in sync with Slack

Recognize on the go — Bring Kudos into Your Daily Chats with a flawless ThriveSparrow <> Slack Integration