Employee Recognition Software

Foster a culture where employee recognition is at the heart, with peer recognition and rewards marketplace to supercharge employee engagement, productivity and retention.
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Recognition matters

Why is employee recognition important?

To boost performance through rewards and recognition
  • Enriching the quality of work
  •  Increasing job satisfaction
  •  Enhancing efficiency
To strengthen employee
retention and reduce the
turnover rate
  • Supercharging employee loyalty
  • Retaining top performers
  •  Intensifying employer brand
To cultivate a vibrant
recognition culture
  • Reinforcing the company's core values
  • Boosting inclusion & collaboration
  • Empowering morale and engagement
Employee rewards software

ThriveSparrow as your employee recognition platform?

Spare yourself from the trouble of appreciating and recognizing all your employees' efforts with ThriveSparrow’s Kudos module. Grow your employees’ satisfaction and efficiency by almost 2X to build a thriving & lively work culture.

Employee Recognition is the piece that completes the puzzle of the employee lifecycle!

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Optimize rewards to cultivate a happier and prospering workforce

Celebrate your teams' achievements with rewards they'll value. Implement measurable metrics, automate workflows, and simplify reward redemption for your employees.

  • Uplift your employees satisfaction
  • Boosts morale & catalyze productivity and innovation
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Foster a culture of appreciation  and shared goals

Empower your team to embrace the company's mission and vision each day. Boost performance by honoring the behaviors and accomplishments that align with your organization's core values. Integrate it with slack and use it with ease.

  • Build a lively culture of recognition
  • Panoramic outlook of the organization’s values
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Highlight exceptional contributors of your team

Ignite a friendly spirit of competition through peer-to-peer recognition to unleash your employee's best potential. Equip your crew with robust leaderboards to spur them toward greatness.

  • Foster a culture of healthy competition
  • Uncover your shining stars
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Gain profound insights into recognition patterns and trends

Analyze individual employee scores, discover their motivators and evaluate their alignment with your organization’s values using dynamic dashboards.

  • Get a comprehensive view of your organization’s values
  • Gain insights into the recognition trends and motivating factors of every employee
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Steps to employee appreciation

Plant your company’s values

Set a defined work culture values that align well with your company's goals and objectives.

Configure points with budget

Allocate a dedicated budget and set the scoring system based on the points.

Integrate with ThriveSparrow

Streamline reward redemption & align your organizational values with our reward system.

Analyze your top performers

Monitor and track leaderboard activity and identify trends and top talents.

The speciality

Benefits of employee recognition

Attracting top talent through a reputation for valuing employees.

Strengthens the company's brand as an employer of choice, hence attracting top performers in all fields. 

Enhancing employee engagement & retention game.

Recognized employees feel valued and tend to stay longer, reducing turnover and training costs.

Fostering a positive work culture and team appreciation

Boosts unity and collaboration within the organization, hence cultivating a friendly and supportive workplace.

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