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Drive business growth with an engaged workforce. From real-time feedback to data-driven insights, ThriveSparrow helps you get in sync with your employees.

Make smarter moves with insightful heatmaps

Uncover a panoramic view of engagement patterns with our interactive heatmaps. Be ahead of the curve with radical engagement insights and real-time analytics, all in one sizzling package.

Create stunning surveys in seconds with question banks

Know the pulse of your employees in just a click with our research-backed question banks. Customize each survey to your specific needs, gain understanding of your team’s engagement.

Equip your managers with dynamic reports

Gauge and enhance your employees’ engagement score. Empower your leaders with in-depth reports that give a clear picture of their team's engagement.

Turn anonymous feedback into action plans

Capture actionable insights for your diverse employee groups. Gather anonymous data and get equipped to create action plans tailored to the unique needs of each team.

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