Recent studies have found that only one-third of workers are currently interested in their jobs. What's worse, 16% of the population is actively disconnected and can harm their workplace through lousy behavior or attitudes.

A disengaged workforce is a breeding ground for low employee morale and reduced productivity. If you want to increase the level of employee engagement in your organization, take a look at these 25 interesting ideas!

Recent studies indicate that only a third of employees are truly engaged at work, while a troubling 16% exhibit behaviors that negatively impact their workplaces. This disengagement fosters an environment of low morale and decreased productivity.

To combat this, consider exploring these 25 creative strategies to boost employee engagement in your organization.

How to Customize Engagement Ideas for Different Cultures?

When it comes to employee engagement, managers have to understand the nuanced nature of the concept. What fits one set of employees might not suit another. The employee engagement initiatives must go hand in hand with the culture of the organization and the specifics of the group of employees we deal with.

In order to make sure that any employee engagement tactic chosen by the company aligns with different cultures, managers can make sure to follow the 5 C’s of employee engagement:

  • Care: Show your employees that you actually care about them.
  • Connect: This emphasizes the level of connectedness employees feel with their organization
  • Coach: Managers can serve as mentors in coaching their employees
  • Contribute: Explain to employees how their collaboration makes a difference to the company  
  • Congratulate: Do not shy away from celebrating the achievements of employees

25 Creative Employee Engagement Ideas for 2024

When you come to think of it, there are endless ways to improve the level of employee engagement among your employees. So let us bring the number down to 25 and choose a few from among them:

#1 Virtual Talent Show

Host a virtual talent show to allow employees to share their unique skills and passions, such as singing, dancing, or magic. This fun and inclusive event can be organized with both planned and spontaneous performances, adding a layer of excitement and surprise.

By involving remote workers globally, it helps build teamwork and boosts morale. Acknowledging and celebrating the diverse talents within your company not only creates a supportive work environment but also shows that the organization values its employees' individuality and interests.

#2 Secret Lunch Buddies

Organize "Lunch Buddies" where employees can connect over online meals, enhancing team cohesion and cross-team collaboration.

This program randomly pairs participants to encourage new connections, that can facilitate informal conversations about hobbies, experiences, and aspirations. This initiative helps reduce feelings of isolation among remote workers by promoting a casual and engaging way to connect, improving overall well-being and strengthening team dynamics.

#3 DIY Desk Makeover Contest

Host a "DIY Desk Makeover Contest" to foster creativity and personal expression among employees. Participants can redesign their workspaces and share "before" and "after" photos, sparking discussions on workplace aesthetics and improvements.

This contest allows employees to showcase their personalities and work styles through their desk themes and setups, enhancing engagement. Celebrating innovative desk designs not only brings excitement to the workplace but also encourages employees to build a workspace that reflects their identity and enhances productivity.

#4 VR Escape Room Challenge

Engage your team with a VR Escape Room Challenge! This activity requires teams to collaborate to solve time-bound puzzles and challenges, enhancing communication and teamwork skills. It simulates real-life scenarios that demand quick thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness, fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment.

Ideal for remote teams, this virtual challenge promotes meaningful connections among team members, encouraging them to enjoy their roles and build stronger relationships within the workplace.

#5 Gratitude Wall

Create a Gratitude Wall to foster a positive workplace atmosphere!

Employees can post notes of appreciation, shoutouts, and recognition for their colleagues' achievements. This visible expression of gratitude boosts morale, encourages company-wide acknowledgment, and strengthens team bonds. Especially beneficial for remote workers, it helps integrate them into recognition programs, promoting feelings of acceptance and belonging.

By celebrating achievements and expressing thanks, a culture of appreciation is cultivated, enhancing overall workplace positivity and engagement.

#6 Coffee Roulette

Coffee Roulette offers a unique way for employees to engage through randomly assigned virtual coffee chats, fostering an informal and relaxed atmosphere. This initiative encourages networking and spontaneous conversations that promote collaboration and innovation. Participants discuss work and personal interests, creating a sense of inclusivity and camaraderie.

By facilitating these casual interactions, Coffee Roulette enhances cross-functional cooperation and knowledge sharing, making it an effective tool for building relationships and breaking down silos within the organization.

#7 A Book Club

Engage in intellectual stimulation and professional growth with an employee-led book club focusing on business, leadership, or self-help topics. Book clubs foster an environment of learning and curiosity by discussing key concepts and exchanging fresh perspectives.

Participants enhance their analytical skills and deepen their knowledge through lively discussions, while also achieving personal reading goals.

This initiative strengthens workplace connections among avid readers and continuous learners, promoting a culture of accountability and ongoing personal development.

#8 Challenges to Wellness

Promote employee well-being with tailored wellness challenges that focus on exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition. By offering rewards for challenge completion and celebrating significant achievements, these challenges build a supportive community that encourages healthier lifestyles.

Personalizing challenges to fit individual activities and interests ensures wider participation and accessibility. Implementing wellness challenges shows the organization's commitment to its employees' health and happiness, which in turn can enhance productivity, morale, and job satisfaction.

#9 Virtual Office Olympics

Enhance team spirit with Virtual Office Olympics, a series of Olympic-themed games and activities designed to engage and entertain. Activities like quizzes, relay marathons, and creative contests provide a friendly, competitive atmosphere that fosters collaboration.

These events are especially beneficial for remote workers, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant virtual workplace culture. By encouraging competition and participation, Virtual Office Olympics strengthen office relationships and promote a positive work environment.

#10 Pet Parade

Brighten your workplace with a virtual Pet Parade!

This event allows employees to showcase their beloved pets through photos or live videos, sharing fun moments and stories. Such events foster community among coworkers and highlight the joy pets bring, enhancing morale and laughter.

Celebrating pets also emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting employee well-being and work-life balance. It’s a delightful way to acknowledge the furry friends that play an important role in the lives of employees, making the work environment more loving and enjoyable.

#11 Skill Exchanges

Skill exchanges allow employees to share knowledge and improve skills by teaching each other hobbies and professional skills like cooking, coding, or photography. These sessions foster teamwork and enhance cross-functional abilities, encouraging collaboration and broadening employees’ horizons. Participants can explore new interests, acquire valuable skills, and connect with colleagues who have similar passions. By promoting skill-swapping, companies enhance both personal and professional growth, fostering a collaborative environment that helps employees thrive.

#12 Personal Development Fund

A personal development fund supports employees' growth outside work by covering expenses for professional courses, therapy, or conferences. This investment demonstrates commitment to their long-term success and personal empowerment.

Encouraging self-directed learning allows employees to bring new skills and knowledge to their roles, enhancing job performance. By providing such opportunities, organizations attract and retain talent by promoting professional development and demonstrating a vested interest in their employees' overall growth.

#13 Office Playlist Sharing

Office playlist sharing allows employees to contribute their favorite tracks to a collaborative workplace playlist. This practice not only enhances productivity with tunes that energize or soothe but also fosters a sense of ownership and unity among staff.

Sharing and discussing song choices can promote camaraderie and boost morale. By integrating music into the work environment, it not only fuels creativity and enjoyment but also strengthens the connection between colleagues, enlivening the office atmosphere.

#14 Virtual Office Tours

Virtual office tours offer a unique way to foster teamwork among remote employees by allowing them to showcase their home office setups. These tours enable staff to connect by sharing personal workspace customizations and offering work-from-home tips, strengthening the remote worker community.

By facilitating discussions about personal office environments, virtual tours underscore the company's commitment to supporting remote collaboration and enhancing team bonding.

#15 Custom Emoji Contest

Host a custom emoji contest where employees can create emojis that reflect inside jokes, company slogans, or team spirit. This not only fosters a sense of ownership and connectivity among employees but also enriches daily communications.

By designing unique visuals, participants can enhance expression and collaboration within discussions. This event not only encourages creativity but also promotes a fun and inclusive workplace culture, demonstrating that every employee's input is valued.

#16 Hobby Groups

Hobby groups in the workplace allow employees to engage with their interests outside of work hours, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. These groups can focus on a variety of interests such as cooking, gardening, or photography, and they facilitate event planning, tool sharing, and educational opportunities. Participating in hobby clubs reduces stress, enhances mental health, and promotes a better work-life balance, demonstrating the organization's commitment to creating a supportive and enriching environment where everyone can thrive.

#17 Culture Exchange Potluck

Culture Exchange Potluck events offer a unique opportunity for employees to celebrate ethnic diversity through virtual meals. Participants prepare and share traditional dishes while exchanging stories about their cultural backgrounds.

This enriches the workplace by enhancing cultural awareness and openness, promoting understanding and appreciation among team members. Such events foster an inclusive atmosphere, encouraging employees to embrace and celebrate diverse perspectives and traditions.

#18 Remote Volunteering

Remote Volunteering allows professionals to support communities from afar. Participants can engage in educational activities, training, or fundraising efforts from home, which provides a sense of purpose and enhances job satisfaction. This form of volunteering fosters team unity as colleagues come together for a common cause, enhancing collaboration and boosting morale.

#19 VR Team-building

In VR team-building exercises, employees come together in a virtual environment to collaborate on projects, solve puzzles, and engage in virtual exploration activities. These immersive experiences enhance communication and problem-solving skills among team members, fostering stronger bonds and team cohesion.

#20 Jam Sessions for Innovation

Regular innovation jam sessions encourage employees to brainstorm and tackle workplace challenges together. These organized brainstorming events generate fresh ideas and creative approaches to enhance products, services, and processes. By bringing together cross-disciplinary teams, innovation jams can foster collaboration and diversity of thought.

These sessions promote a culture of innovation and risk-taking, allowing employees to experiment with new concepts. Through innovation jams, companies can drive growth, stay competitive, and improve profitability by inspiring employees to contribute innovative solutions.

#21 A DIY Wellness Retreat

Encourage employees to create their own wellness retreat at home, focusing on self-care and health. Activities can include yoga, meditation, journaling, and other relaxing practices to promote mental and physical well-being.

#22 Workshops for Creative Thinking

Organize workshops that stimulate creativity through activities like mind mapping, role-playing, and random word generation. These sessions encourage employees to challenge assumptions, explore new ideas, and view situations from different perspectives.

#23 Virtual Desk Drop Surprises

Send surprise gifts like e-gift cards, handwritten notes, or themed care packages to colleagues. These unexpected tokens of appreciation boost morale and motivation, making employees feel valued and celebrated.

#24 Employee Spotlight Podcast

Create a podcast where employees share their professional experiences, lessons learned, and insights on various topics. This platform allows participants to showcase their achievements, educate, and inspire their peers.

#25 DIY Craft Challenges

Provide employees with daily craft supplies to encourage creativity and hands-on expression. These challenges help employees explore their interests, try new techniques, and showcase their talents. DIY crafts enhance problem-solving skills, confidence, and satisfaction while fostering teamwork through shared creative activities.

Think Outside The Box

If you want your employees to be engaged and interested in the work they do, then you will have to start thinking out side the box. Come up with unique ideas that align with the company's culture as well as the preferences of employees. You can seek the help of employee feedback survey tools like ThriveSparrow to get honest and actionable employee feedback.