We understand that you're in sort of a dilemma trying to figure out which performance management platform you should pick from the two - Leapsome and Lattice.

To help you make a quicker decision, we've compared Leapsome with Lattice. Let's dive in.

What Is Leapsome?

Leapsome is fundamentally a platform that supports your company's ability to successfully monitor performance and promote employee growth.

Leapsome makes the process of setting objectives, giving and receiving feedback, and conducting performance evaluations simple, thanks to its centralized center.

Through its learning and development features, it elevates performance management to a new level.

Leapsome provides a wealth of tools, such as online classes and venues for knowledge exchange. It's a paradise for lifelong learning where you may hone your abilities, discover new worlds, and realize your full potential. Consider it a personal development center that is specialized to meet the demands of your company.

Key Features of Leapsome

Let's examine a few of the distinguishing qualities that set Leapsome apart in the field of performance management.

1. Goal-Setting

Both individually and cooperatively, Leapsome enables you to define precise, quantifiable objectives. You may coordinate the goals of your team with those of the company to make sure that everyone is working toward the same goal.

2. Continuous Feedback

Leapsome makes it simple to give and receive feedback. It fosters a culture of open and productive discourse by offering a formal framework for continuing feedback and facilitating real-time contact amongst team members.

3. Performance Reviews

Leapsome simplifies the process of conducting performance reviews, making them effective and valuable. Within the platform, you may regularly evaluate employee performance, collect 360-degree feedback, and monitor advancement over time.

4. Learning and Development 

Leapsome offers a variety of learning and development options, going beyond typical performance management. It enables employees to improve and pick up new skills by giving them access to online courses, knowledge-sharing platforms, and tailored development programs.

5. Customizable Workflows

Leapsome is aware that each business has particular requirements and procedures. It enables you to alter processes, forms, and assessment standards so that the platform fits your requirements precisely and connects with your current systems.

6. Analytics and Insights

Leapsome offers robust reporting and analytics tools. In order to maximize the development and success of your company, you may discover patterns, obtain insightful information on team and individual performance, and make data-driven choices.

What Is Lattice?

Lattice is a performance management tool at its heart, created to enable businesses to reach their full potential. The capacity to define goals is one of Lattice's primary advantages. It enables you to specify precise goals and quantifiable key outcomes (OKRs) for certain people, teams, and the whole business. This helps everyone stay focused on their goals and work together towards them by providing guidance like a compass. It guarantees that all individuals are working together towards a common goal.

But Lattice goes beyond just defining objectives. It is aware of how crucial ongoing input is to advancing development. Lattice makes it simple to provide and receive feedback from coworkers, bosses, and even clients. It's comparable to having a communication tool that encourages openness, teamwork, and a learning culture.

The OKR feature of Lattice helps you track your progress, highlight your successes, and locate any prospective obstacles. You may make data-driven judgments thanks to this strong spotlight that shows you the way to success.

The interesting aspect is that Lattice connects effortlessly with other applications you already adore and use, including HRIS systems, Google Calendar, and Slack. It's a whole toolset that has everything you need to raise a productive and enthusiastic team.

Key Features of Lattice

Let's look at some of the main characteristics that make Lattice a fantastic performance management tool:

1. Polls and Surveys

Utilizing surveys and polls, Lattice enables you to get employee input. To improve the employee experience, you may monitor employee engagement, collect sentiment data, and pinpoint problem areas.

2. Continuous Feedback

Lattice makes the process of giving and receiving feedback smooth. It provides a forum for continuing discussions and feedback exchanges, encouraging an open culture of progress.

3. OKR Tracking

Lattice's OKR function lets you keep tabs on the status of your important outcomes and objectives in real time. You may keep tabs on progress milestones and performance indicators to make sure everyone keeps moving in the right direction.

4. Onboarding and Offboarding

Lattice facilitates a seamless onboarding procedure for new recruits by offering tools and resources to aid in their integration into the company. Additionally, it makes offboarding processes easier to guarantee a smooth transition once an employee leaves.

5. Career Development

Lattice understands the value of staff advancement. It provides information and tools for skill evaluations, career dialogues, and individualized development plans, empowering staff members to enhance their careers.

6. Integration Capabilities

Lattice's seamless integration capabilities allow it to work with HRIS systems, Google Calendar, and other well-known collaboration platforms. This makes data exchange simple, streamlines workflows, and unifies the user experience across platforms.

Leapsome vs Lattice

Feature Leapsome Lattice
Goal Setting Yes Goal Alignment
Ongoing Feedback Yes Yes
Performance Reviews Yes Yes
Learning and Development Tools Yes Yes
Adaptable Workflows Yes No
Analytics Yes No
Integration Capabilities Yes Yes
OKR Tracking No Yes
Employee Appreciation No Yes

Let's dive right into more details on the head-to-head comparison of Leapsome and Lattice.

1. Goal Alignment and OKR

Aligning goals and monitoring progress through Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are two areas where Lattice excels. Its OKR component offers a solid structure for establishing specific goals and quantifiable outcomes, assuring alignment across the firm. Lattice is a good option for businesses looking for a complete goal management solution because of its emphasis on OKRs.

2. Learning and Growth

Leapsome stands apart by placing a major emphasis on resources for learning and growth. It provides access to online courses, platforms for knowledge exchange, and individualized development plans, among other features and tools to assist employee advancement. Leapsome's emphasis on learning and development might be a big benefit if fostering a culture of continual learning is a top concern for your company.

3. User-Friendly Interface and Intuitive User Experience

Lattice is renowned for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. The platform is easy to use and navigate, making it simple for managers and staff to adopt and make use of its capabilities. Lattice's user experience can be particularly appealing if simplicity and usability are important considerations.

4. Flexibility and Flexibility

Leapsome offers a great degree of flexibility to accommodate the particular requirements of various businesses. Its platform enables customization of procedures, forms, and evaluation standards to meet your unique needs. Due to its adaptability, Leapsome is a good choice for businesses looking for a performance management solution that can be effortlessly adjusted to meet their existing procedures and workflows.

5. Performance Reviews

Lattice provides a simplified and effective approach for performance reviews. The review cycle is made simpler by the availability of editable review templates, automatic reminders, and simple procedures. The platform is a great option for firms that value well-structured and efficient review procedures because of its emphasis on performance assessments.

6. Features for Giving and Receiving Feedback

Leapsome offers a full range of features for giving and receiving feedback. It provides a formal framework for continuing feedback discussions, making it simple for staff members and managers to interact and provide helpful advice. For firms that value ongoing feedback and efficient performance evaluations, Leapsome's emphasis on feedback and review elements may be useful.

7. Employee Appreciation

Lattice places a strong focus on employee appreciation and offers tools for recognizing and honoring individual employee accomplishments. It provides resources to support peer-to-peer awards and recognition, generating an uplifting and inspiring work atmosphere. The focus on recognition elements in Lattice may be a major consideration if increasing staff morale and recognition are critical goals.

8. User Interface and Design

Leapsome's user interface is renowned for being slick and visually appealing. The platform provides a user-friendly, cutting-edge design that improves the user experience. Leapsome's interface is simple and easy to use, which enhances the user experience. Leapsome's design might be a prominent feature if having an appealing and user-friendly interface is a requirement.


Leapsome: Goal-setting, ongoing feedback, performance reviews, learning and development tools, adaptable workflows, analytics, and integration possibilities are just a few of the things that Leapsome provides.

Lattice: Goal alignment, constant feedback, OKR monitoring, performance evaluations, integration capabilities, and employee appreciation are among Lattice's key performance management features.


Leapsome: The cost of Leapsome varies depending on the number of users and the desired features. For exact pricing that is catered to the demands of your company, it is preferable to get in touch with their sales staff.

Lattice: Lattice offers pricing that is based on the size of the business and the number of users, which may vary. It's recommended to contact their sales team for detailed information on pricing.


Leapsome: Users have praised Leapsome for its user-friendly design, extensive functionality, and emphasis on learning and development.

Lattice: Users have praised Lattice for its goal alignment capabilities, continual feedback features, and integration possibilities.

That's a Wrap

Think about the unique requirements of your company while deciding between Leapsome and Lattice. Leapsome stands out because of its added emphasis on learning and development tools, making it appropriate for businesses that place a high priority on staff development.

On the other hand, Lattice is a fantastic choice for firms seeking a complete performance management solution since it excels at goal alignment and OKR monitoring.

It is advised that, in order to make an informed choice, you request demos from both Leapsome and Lattice, assess how well their features match your requirements, take into account pricing information specific to your business, and examine user reviews to learn more about each company's advantages and disadvantages.

If you are still finding it difficult to make a choice, consider checking this list of the best performance management tools to ensure that you choose the perfect performance management platform for your company.