This International Women's Day and Women's History Month, let's turn the spotlight on a group of extraordinary women HR influencers who are often the unsung heroes of the corporate world.

These women excel in talent management, people leadership, and culture shaping, serving as the driving force behind the sanity and success of countless organizations. They are the trailblazers who navigate the complexities of the professional landscape with unwavering commitment to inclusivity and support, actively shaping a brighter future for workplaces.

As we celebrate their invaluable contributions, let's acknowledge the pivotal roles they play in fostering thriving, dynamic, and empowered environments. To the HR superheroes who make a difference every day, thank you for inspiring us all.

Please note: We haven't ranked or categorized any person here.

1. Lisa V Chang

Lisa Chang, the Executive Vice President and Global Chief People Officer at The Coca-Cola Company, leads the organization's talent and people strategies. With over two decades of experience in human resources, Lisa has held key roles at renowned organizations like AMB Group, LLC, Equifax, Turner Broadcasting System Inc., and The Weather Channel Companies. 

This diverse background has equipped her with valuable insights and skills that she now applies to create a supportive and dynamic workplace at Coca-Cola, emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

Lisa actively champions corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives in alignment with Coca-Cola's global impact goals. She is also committed to professional growth through mentoring programs and community engagement activities, reflecting her holistic leadership approach.

Her advocacy for workplace inclusion extends to her advisory role with Catalyst, a non-profit organization supporting women's progress. Lisa's contributions to the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the Board of Directors for Frontier Communications showcase her dedication to community involvement and professional development.

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2. Josetta Jones

Josetta Jones, Chevron's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, leads the company's efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion. She oversees strategic partnerships with professional associations and manages the Diversity, Inclusion, and Ombuds function.

Beyond her professional commitments, she has been actively involved with Techbridge Girls since 2003, supporting underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

Recognized for her contributions to diversity and inclusion, Josetta has received awards such as the Best Bay Area Counsel – Diversity Champion award and the Diversity Champion Award from the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Barristers Club’s Diversity Committee. 

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3. Debra Thompson

Debra Thompson, the Chief People Officer at Chegg Inc., spearheads the company's strategic HR initiatives, focusing on employee engagement, talent management, and organizational development. Her visionary leadership has positioned Chegg as a premier destination for talent, fostering a culture that champions innovation and growth.

Under her leadership, Chegg's commitment to an inclusive and supportive workplace was further validated and named a Best Workplace for Women in 2023 by Great Places to Work.

With over 20 years of HR expertise, Debra has been crucial in shaping a culture of excellence at Chegg. Her steadfast dedication was acknowledged when Chegg secured a spot among the top 10 best work cultures in 2022, as recognized by Employee Benefit News.

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4. Teuila Hanson

Teuila Hanson is the Chief People Officer at LinkedIn, where she leads the strategic direction and implementation of the company's human resources initiatives. 

Her deep understanding of the nuances of managing a global workforce in the digital age has made her an invaluable asset to LinkedIn.

Teuila has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing the professional development of LinkedIn's workforce. She has been instrumental in the rollout of comprehensive learning and development programs, which are designed to equip employees with the skills needed for career advancement within the tech industry. 

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5. Marie Christine Padberg

Marie Christine Padberg is a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where she co-leads the Global Talent Attraction efforts. She initiated the Next Generation Women Leaders (NGWL) program in 2012, a move that significantly impacted McKinsey's diversity agenda, leading to almost 50% of global hires being women. This program, instrumental in advancing career growth for women both within and outside of McKinsey, has empowered thousands with the support and insights needed to pursue their aspirations.

Today, Marie continues to lead global talent attraction at McKinsey, embodying the firm's commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can excel and be their authentic selves. Her work not only contributes to McKinsey's competitive edge in the global market but also aligns with the firm's groundbreaking research, proving the financial benefits of diverse leadership.

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6. Clarice Colòn

Clarice Colòn is the Senior Vice President of People & Culture at Suvida Healthcare, where she leads the strategic direction and implementation of the company's human resources initiatives. 

With over 20 years of progressive leadership experience, Colón has directed HR operations management, succession planning, leadership development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Her visionary approach has significantly impacted the HR operations and culture change within the organizations she has served.

Some of Clarice's notable achievements include developing Whole Foods Market’s Talent Planning & Succession and the "Cultivate" Mentorship Program, creating the "Cultivate Whole Women Leaders" Executive Development Program, and reorganizing Whole Foods Market’s core Merchant and Operations, retaining 90% of its highest potential and critical talent. 

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7. Jackye Clayton

Jackye Clayton is the Vice President of Talent Acquisition and DEI, where she enhances the company's efforts in building more inclusive teams and cultures. With years of experience in recruiting across various industries, including Technology, HR, Legal, Finance, and Operations, Jackye brings a wealth of knowledge to Textio. 

Jackye is known for her role as a co-host of the popular DEI podcast, Inclusive AF, and as a thought leader and speaker at major HR and recruiting events.

Her accomplishments have earned her notable recognition, including being featured in the "9 Powerful Women in Business You Should Know" list by SDHR Consulting, acknowledged as one of the "15 Women in HR Tech to Follow" by VidCruiter, recognized as one of the "Top Recruitment Thought Leaders to Follow" by interviewMocha Magazine, and listed among the "2021 Top 100 Human Resources Influencers" by Human Resource Executive Magazine.

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8. Hope Krutz

Hope Krutz is the President of Enroll360. She leads a team that provides consulting and marketing services to help campus-based institutions achieve their undergraduate enrollment targets. With over two decades of experience working with leaders in the non-profit sector, specifically healthcare and higher education, Hope is deeply committed to building lasting partnerships that support institutions in reaching their strategic goals.

Krutz has played a pivotal role at Enroll360, demonstrating dedication to expanding access to education. Her achievements have not only driven significant business growth but also strengthened the company's commitment to supporting educational institutions in navigating the complexities of student enrollment and engagement.

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9. Sirisha Palepu

Sirisha Palepu serves as the Head of People and Communities for Cisco India & SAARC, where she plays a pivotal role in developing cohesive talent and people strategies in collaboration with senior leadership teams across the region. 

With a rich career spanning two decades, Sirisha has garnered extensive experience in various multinational corporations within diverse sectors including Technology, Sales, Banking, Financial Services, and ITES.

In addition to her primary role, Sirisha extends her expertise to the startup ecosystem through her involvement with Cisco LaunchPad, where she mentors startups, offering them insights and guidance on developing effective people strategies. Her commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and her belief in the importance of community service are evident in her work with non-profit organizations, aiming to create meaningful, positive changes in the community.

Under her leadership, Cisco India & SAARC has garnered a few recognitions including India's Best Workplaces™ for Women 2023 and India's Best Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM 2023, highlighting the successful implementation of her vision and strategies in creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

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10. Christine Kaszubski Aldrich

Christine Kaszubski Aldrich is the Chief People Officer at Pindrop, where she shapes and implements the company's people operations strategy. 

Christine's dedication to fostering a positive work environment has significantly influenced the organizational culture and her efforts have led Pindrop to be recognized as a #1 Top Place to Work in Atlanta.

Christine established a remote-first culture, launched leadership development initiatives, and enhanced Pindrop’s Total Rewards program. These achievements reflect her commitment to creating an exemplary workplace where employees can flourish.

Christine has been recognized for her contributions to the field of HR with several accolades, including the Top 50 Human Resource Professional Award, Top 50 Women in SaaS, and being named a Top HR Leader in Atlanta. These honors underscore her status as a trusted advisor, champion of change, and a staunch advocate for employees.

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Final Thoughts

As we celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month, ThriveSparrow is proud to acknowledge the contributions of these influential HR leaders. Their work not only elevates the profession but also creates more inclusive, dynamic, and supportive work environments for all. 

Cheers to their remarkable achievements and the paths they are paving for future generations in the HR space. From all of us at ThriveSparrow, a resounding thank you to these outstanding women for their unwavering commitment and for driving positive change across industries.