Workvivo offers a compelling suite of features for employee experience, communication, and engagement. But with a diverse software landscape, it's natural to explore other options.

Understanding these options is crucial for businesses aiming to make informed decisions that align with their specific needs. Let's explore the top Workvivo alternatives and competitors, considering key features and how they compare.

1. ThriveSparrow

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow homepage

ThriveSparrow is one of the best competitors to Workvivo. The platform simplifies measuring engagement through customizable employee surveys, insightful color-coded heatmaps, and dynamic reports.

Moreover, ThriveSparrow enhances workplace culture by enabling peer recognition for achieving objectives or overcoming significant challenges, thus promoting an environment where appreciation and morale thrive.

Offering a comprehensive toolkit for engagement and performance analysis, ThriveSparrow empowers HR and executive teams to pinpoint engagement levels and refine performance review processes. Its innovative AI-powered personal development plans (PDPs), utilizing GPT-3 technology, allow for quick creation of tailored development strategies, significantly reducing the workload involved in generating multiple employee reports.

The platform ensures the confidentiality of engagement and 360-degree feedback surveys, encouraging frank and forthright responses. This feature is instrumental in obtaining genuine feedback, vital for accurate performance evaluations and fostering a transparent organizational culture.

ThriveSparrow Best Features

  • Customizable Engagement Surveys: ThriveSparrow offers highly adaptable surveys, significantly reducing manual effort and allowing for tailored feedback collection.
  • Color-Coded Heatmaps: ThriveSparrow's intuitive heatmaps provide a visual summary of engagement levels across different organizational segments, assisting in pinpointing focus areas for improvement.
ThriveSparrow's Dynamic Heatmap
ThriveSparrow's color-coded Heatmap keeps things simple while identifying areas of low engagement. This visualization of data guides HR and managers with their engagement efforts.
  • Anonymous Feedback Collection: Encourages candid feedback by anonymizing responses, fostering a culture of open and constructive communication.
  • Tailored Performance Reports: Offers personalized performance summaries, directly downloadable and specific to each employee's review outcomes.
  • Advanced Performance Analytics: Features like bell curves and radar charts simplify the understanding of employee performance trends.
  • GAP Analysis: Compares self-assessments to peer evaluations, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for growth.
  • Recognition Through Kudos Cards: Enables the sending of appreciation points, reinforcing a culture of acknowledgment aligned with company values.
  • Leaderboard: Highlights top performers, promoting a healthy competitive spirit within teams.
  • Rewards System: Allows employees to exchange points for rewards from their favorite stores, boosting motivation and engagement.
  • Detailed Team Analytics: Provides managers with comprehensive insights into team dynamics and engagement drivers, enhancing leadership effectiveness.


The platform is built on 3 core modules. Here's a price breakdown when each is billed annually.

Engage: $3/month/employee

Kudos: $2/month/employee

Performance: $5/month/employee

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2. Simpplr

A screenshot of Simpplr homepage

Simpplr stands out as the AI-powered employee experience platform, revolutionizing how businesses connect, enable, and serve their teams at scale. Trusted by over a thousand leading organizations worldwide, including the World Economic Forum, AAA, and Splunk, Simpplr has been recognized as a leader in intranet solutions by Gartner and Forrester.

Simpplr offers exceptional support through an AI Virtual Assistant and equips leaders with actionable insights, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing workplace productivity and engagement.

Simpplr Best Features

  • Enhances Productivity: Simplifies access to information, tools, and connections, enhancing productivity seamlessly.
  • Foster Recognition: Integrates recognition and rewards into workplace culture efficiently.
  • Exceptional Employee Support: Features an AI Virtual Assistant for comprehensive employee support from onboarding onward.
  • Actionable Insights: Provides leaders with real-time insights on employee sentiment for proactive decision-making.


Simpplr hasn't included a pricing page on their site, so you'll need to book a demo with them.

3. Blink

A screenshot of Blink landing page

Blink stands as the go-to employee super-app, revolutionizing engagement for every employee in frontline organizations by consolidating all essentials into a single, accessible place.

Blink has helped organizations to reach 95% of employees, triple response rates, reduce employee turnover by 26%, and increase its tool adoption fivefold.

Blink Best Features

  • Internal Communications: Overcomes communication siloes with targeted, AI-enhanced messaging.
  • Employee Engagement: Significantly reduces turnover and reaches the vast majority of the workforce.
  • Frontline Intelligence: Offers valuable analytics to enhance employee experiences.
  • Feed & Secure Chat: Fosters organizational connection with an engaging news feed and seamless communication.
  • Digital Forms & Surveys: Streamlines data gathering and feedback processes.
  • Recognition: Facilitates instant, personalized recognition with Blink Kudos.


P.O.A. ( or book a demo)

4. Empuls

A sceenshot of Empuls landing page

Empuls is your go-to solution for transforming employee engagement and unlocking the true potential of your workforce. As an all-in-one platform, Empuls offers a holistic approach to engagement by combining recognition & rewards, perks & benefits, surveys & feedback, and connection & community into a cohesive experience.

"Em," the AI-powered engagement bot, ensures continuous engagement through timely nudges, making Empuls a pivotal tool for HR professionals and business leaders alike.

Empuls Best Features

  • Recognition & Rewards: Makes recognizing peers a fun and social experience.
  • AI-Powered Engagement Bot: "Em" encourages participation and helps automate tasks.
  • Comprehensive Employee Engagement: Serves HR, business leaders, and employees, enhancing the employee experience from onboarding to exit.
  • People Analytics: Empowers leaders with insights to drive continuous improvement and retain top talent.


There are 4 plans - billed annually, they are:

Reward and recognize: $3/employee/month

Surveys: $3/employee/month

Social Intranet: $1/employee/month

Perks and benefits: $2/employee/month

5. BambooHR

A screenshot of BambooHR homepage

BambooHR stands out as a comprehensive platform designed to enhance the employee experience and drive performance growth. It offers a suite of tools aimed at fostering honest, two-way communication, ensuring robust employee engagement, and facilitating transparent compensation discussions.

This platform sets the stage for organizational growth and connection, underscoring a commitment to creating a rewarding employee experience.

BambooHR Best Features

  • Employee Satisfaction with eNPS: Utilizes anonymous surveys, eNPS scoring, and in-depth analytics to gauge employee sentiment and identify impactful changes.
  • Performance Management: Aids in managing goals and performance assessments, recognizing potential, and supporting employees through challenges.
  • Employee Wellbeing: Focuses on emotional health through frequent surveys that measure happiness, engagement, and relationship health at work.
  • Total Rewards: Provides instant, comprehensive compensation statements to build trust, boost retention, and showcase the full value of the investment in employees.
  • Employee Community: Enhances engagement and communication via a user-friendly social intranet, connecting the workforce and streamlining information flow.


Essentials: Contact for pricing

Advantage: Contact for pricing

6. Microsoft Viva

A screeshot of Microsoft Viva homepage

Microsoft Viva is designed to revolutionize how businesses enhance employee engagement and optimize performance. By leveraging next-generation AI and comprehensive insights, Viva consolidates communication, feedback, analytics, goal-setting, and learning into a singular, integrated solution.

This platform is tailored for businesses seeking to modernize employee engagement and foster a productive workforce.

Microsoft Viva Best Features

  • Employee Communications and Communities: Modernizes workplace communication, creating spaces for conversations, company news, and shared interests to energize the workforce.
  • Viva Connections, Engage, and Amplify: Offers diverse tools for enhancing employee engagement through news sharing, community building, and content amplification.
  • Workplace Analytics and Feedback: Empowers organizations with actionable insights to continuously improve engagement and performance.
  • Goal Setting and Management: Facilitates clear goal setting and tracking to align individual achievements with business objectives.
  • Learning and Knowledge Management: Supports employee growth by making learning resources easily accessible and promoting knowledge sharing across the organization.


Microsoft Viva has 3 plans, each proving different functionalities. All plans require an annual commitment.

Microsoft Viva Employee Communications and Communities: $2/user/month

Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback: $6/user/month

Microsoft Viva Suite (Inclusive of the above plans): $12/user/month

7. Culture Amp

A screenshot of Culture Amp's homepage

Culture Amp is a comprehensive employee engagement platform designed to uncover the real drivers behind employee engagement, helping organizations retain top talent. Through flexible survey templates, deep industry insights, and actionable strategies, it offers the tools needed to understand and enhance the workplace experience.

Culture Amp Best Features

  • Ready-to-use Surveys: Offers over 40 science-backed, customizable survey templates covering engagement, inclusion, onboarding, exit, and more, ensuring comprehensive insight into every aspect of the employee experience.
  • Powerful Analytics: Leverages intuitive dashboards and customizable reports to prioritize initiatives and inspire action based on strategic data insights.
  • Retention Insights: Identifies key factors influencing employee retention, enabling targeted interventions to keep top talent.
  • Focus Areas & Proven Action Plans: Empowers organizations with science-backed actions and learnings from leading companies to drive meaningful change.
  • Benchmarks: Provides industry benchmarks to compare and measure the effectiveness of engagement strategies against peers.


Culture Amp has 3 different plans whose pricing isn't available. You can contact them for a quote.

And That's a Wrap

We hope this guide has given you a solid overview of the top alternatives to Workvivo. Remember, choosing the right platform for your organization hinges on various factors like budget, company size, and specific goals.


1. What is Workvivo?

Workvivo is a top-rated employee experience platform that revolutionizes the way organizations foster a connected, inclusive, and engaged workplace culture. This platform simplifies communication, drives engagement, and bridges the gap between traditional workplace interactions and the digital era, Workvivo creates spaces for meaningful connections, community building, and open recognition, making every company an attractive place to join and a difficult one to leave.

2. Can these platforms integrate with existing HR systems?

Yes, most of these platforms offer integration capabilities with popular HR systems to ensure a seamless user experience and data consistency.

3. Are these platforms suitable for companies of all sizes?

Absolutely! Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, these platforms are scalable and can be tailored to fit your company's specific needs and size.

4. How do these platforms handle data privacy and security?

Data privacy and security are top priorities for all mentioned platforms. They employ strict security measures and comply with relevant data protection regulations to ensure your employee data is safe and secure.