360-degree feedback is a good way for organizations to measure an employees' strength and weaknesses, that contribute to their overall development.

Managing this process independently can be challenging, which is why we've curated a list of tools with essential features that will collect and manage all that feedback effortlessly.

How to Select the Right Feedback Tool?

Choosing the right 360 feedback tool is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your 360-degree performance reviews. Here are key factors to consider when selecting a tool:

  1. Customizability: Ensure the platform allows you to customize questions, rating scales, and feedback categories to meet your specific requirements.
  2. User Experience: Opt for a platform that offers a free trial so you can assess its ease of use. A user-friendly interface is critical for ensuring that participants can navigate the platform effortlessly.
  3. Reports and Analytics: The tool should include a robust reporting system that provides comprehensive analytics, customizable dashboards, trend analyses, and text insights. These features are invaluable for informed decision-making and developing personalized development plans.
  4. Data Security: Choose a platform that adheres to stringent data security protocols and compliance requirements to protect sensitive company information. Features like role-based access controls are essential for maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of survey responses, as well as company data
  5. Integration Options: The tool should seamlessly integrate with existing HRIS systems, including talent management and learning management systems, to streamline workflows and enhance efficiency.

10 Best 360 Feedback Tools to Help Enhance Employee Performance

There are tons and tons of 360 feedback tools available on the market, and new ones keep popping up as well. So we have made your job a teeny bit easier by shortlisting the top 10 of them.

Here's a brief overview of the list of tools, and then we'll have a closer look at each of them in detail.

1. ThriveSparrow

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's Homepage

ThriveSparrow is a comprehensive employee success platform that helps HR and people leaders enhance employee engagement, facilitate peer-recognition, and drive performance.

Beyond mere engagement surveys, ThriveSparrow's 360 feedback tool equips HR and leadership teams with an advanced 360 assessment toolkit, enabling comprehensive feedback through 360, 180, and 90-degree evaluations. This feature not only simplifies the process of annual 360-performance appraisals but also enriches them with detailed, actionable insights.

ThriveSparrow streamlines the performance review process by collecting and organizing 360-degree feedback reports. It helps you gain an org-wide view and provides employees with individualized performance reports.

  • Trend Charts: ThriveSparrow paints a crystal-clear view of employee and team performance across departments and key competencies.
ThriveSparrow's Trend Charts
ThriveSparrow's Trend Charts
  • GAP Analysis: Utilize GAP Analysis to pinpoint both strengths and areas for improvement, facilitating targeted developmental strategies for teams and individuals alike.
ThriveSparrow's GAP analysis
ThriveSparrow's GAP analysis lets managers pinpoint and identify an employee's performance across competencies.
  • Competency Summary: Leverage Competency Summaries to compare self-evaluations with peer evaluations, fostering a culture of self-awareness and continuous improvement.
  • Recognize Outstanding Performance: ThriveSparrow facilitates peer recognition by providing your employees with a platform to appreciate and celebrate those who complete their OKRs and accomplish great tasks. The Kudos points (appreciation points) can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards later.
  • Dynamic heatmaps: Heatmaps helps managers visualize department-wise engagement levels helping guide their efforts to enhance engagement.
  • Engagement Surveys: Create and share engagement as well as pulse and satisfaction surveys with the help of research-backed question banks in under 2 minutes.
  • AI-Based PDPs: ThriveSparrow's AI-based PDPs simplify the creation of personalized development plans for each employee, saving managers time and effort.


ThriveSparrow offers a 14-day free trial to use the platform to your heart's content.

It has 3 plans billed annually,

Engage: Drive employee engagement with employee engagement surveys, heatmaps, and more. Starts from $3/month/employee.

Kudos: Recognize, reward, and inspire your team from anywhere. Give incentives to drive performance and boost morale. Starts from $2/month/employee.

Performance: Conduct 360-degree feedback and get data-driven insights and AI-based personal development plans based on every individual's performance report. Starts at $5/month/employee.

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2. Primalogik

A screenshot of Primalogik's landing page

Primalogik is a performance management tool designed to enhance employee engagement and productivity in the workplace. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including 360-degree feedback, performance reviews, goal setting with OKRs, and engagement surveys, all aimed at fostering a positive and transparent work environment.

The platform's Analytics and Reporting allows for easy tracking of employee progress and identification of development areas. Trusted by organizations worldwide, Primalogik stands out for its effectiveness in boosting productivity and creating a happier, more engaged workforce.

  • 360-degree feedback: Gather comprehensive feedback from all levels within the organization to gain a holistic view of employee performance.
  • Customizable process: The platform offers flexibility in creating questionnaires, selecting rating scales, and choosing anonymity levels to suit organizational needs.
  • Professional growth support: Build effective development plans based on feedback, tracking progress over time.
  • Efficient feedback management: Streamline the feedback process with tools for launching surveys, customizing emails, and tracking real-time participation.


Primalogik requires a minimum subscription of 3 months and has scalable pricing plan. Its plan for 1 user starts at $159/month. The price for 100 users starts at $499/month.

3. QuestionPro

A screenshot of QuestionPro's Homepage

QuestionPro is a versatile 360-degree feedback tool with several survey features. In addition to performance evaluations, QuestionPro lets organizations develop surveys for market research and client feedback. QuestionPro provides customizable 360-degree feedback questionnaires and multi-rater solutions.

Its powerful analytics engine generates extensive reports and visualizations based on feedback. QuestionPro collects real-time data, giving firms quick employee performance insights. Integration options enable data transfer between platforms. QuestionPro's scalability and versatility make it a top choice for firms wanting a comprehensive feedback tool beyond performance reviews.

  • Customizable surveys: Easily set up flexible surveys with customizable workflows to request feedback from both internal and external sources.
  • Responsive respondent portal: Streamline the evaluation process, track survey responses, and manage participant reminders efficiently.
  • Custom Branding: Make your brand stand out throughout the feedback process, from survey design to reports.
  • Dynamic Reporting: Gain actionable insights with easy-to-understand reports highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.


QuestionPro offers 4 pricing plans billed annually,

Essentials: This is a free plan for a single user

Advanced: $99/user/month

Team edition: $83/user/month

Research edition: Custom pricing

4. Trakstar

A screenshot of Trakstar's homepage

Trakstar is a performance management software known for its customizable evaluation methods and user-friendly interface. Trakstar stands out for its ability to make 360-degree performance reviews more comprehensive and engaging. Its 360-degree feedback module lets companies develop surveys for specific roles and goals. Pre-built competency libraries ease evaluation criterion definition in the tool.

Trakstar's thorough reporting helps talent development by revealing individual and team performance. It helps employees define and manage goals to meet company goals. Businesses seeking an intuitive yet effective 360-degree feedback solution would like Trakstar's simplicity and performance management features.

  • Flexible review process: Customize the 360-degree review process the way you want, and align it with your organization's culture and objectives.
  • Modern interface and control: Managers have full control over feedback sharing, enhancing the review experience with Trakstar's user-friendly interface.
  • Automated feedback collection: Automated surveys and questionnaire makes it easier to gather and facilitate employee development.
  • Holistic employee assessment: Gain a complete picture of employee performance that eliminates bias and helps identify top performers and improvement areas.


Trakstar hasn't included its pricing on the site. You'll have to request them for a price.

5. 15Five

A screenshot of 15Five's homepage

15Five is a performance management platform that offers modern, holistic reviews embraced by both managers and employees. It provides an intuitive platform for running review cycles, tailored to align with company culture and integrated seamlessly with HR strategies and technology stacks. Focused on insights-driven performance assessments, 15Five enhances decision-making and accountability. It's designed for ease of use, allowing HR teams to tailor their approach to continuous feedback and growth.

  • Insightful reporting: Access easy-to-use reports evaluating performance ratings by demographics, departments, and competencies.
  • HRIS and productivity integrations: Seamlessly integrate with major HRIS systems and productivity apps like Slack, ensuring efficient data synchronization and performance tracking.
  • Multi-dimensional feedback collection: Gather feedback from various sources to develop a fair and holistic measure of performance.
  • Performance reporting and tracking: Access insights to act on factors influencing engagement, performance, and retention with ease.


15Five offers 3 pricing plans. Billed annually, here's the breakdown.

Engage: $4/user/month

Perform: $10/user/month

Total Platform: Includes both module along with the HR Outcomes dashboard. $16/user/month

6. Leapsome

A screenshot of Leapome's homepage

Leapsome is a people enablement platform that excels in delivering meaningful and growth-oriented 360° performance reviews that are straightforward to set up and beneficial for all involved. It includes 360-degree feedback, performance management, employee engagement surveys, and learning & development tools.

For its holistic staff development, it stands out from the rest of the crowd. The 360-degree feedback module from Leapsome lets organizations develop bespoke surveys and collect feedback from numerous sources. The tool's analytics engine analyzes feedback to assess individual and team performance.

Continuous feedback elements on Leapsome encourage manager-employee conversations. Performance management features such as goal monitoring, competency exams, and real-time feedback promote continual improvement. Businesses looking to streamline talent management use Leapsome because it integrates HR tasks onto one platform.

  • Customizable review builder: Tailor your performance reviews using best-practice templates or fully customized settings to align with your organizational goals.
  • Automated review cycles: Save time with automated, recurring review cycles and employee data-triggered reviews, ensuring consistent and timely feedback.
  • Skill profiles for growth: Define and track key skills and competencies across the company, aiding in talent development and effective resource allocation.
  • Contextualized, unbiased reviews: Utilize past feedback and performance data to provide managers with comprehensive insights for fair and developmental reviews.


Leapsome hasn't disclosed their pricing, so you'll have to contact them for a custom quote.

7. Typeform

A screenshot of Typeform's homepage

Typeform is a versatile survey and feedback tool with attractive and interactive forms. Typeform lets organizations construct awesome feedback questionnaires, not just 360-degree feedback. Users can create entertaining and user-friendly questions using its drag-and-drop interface.

Typeform lets businesses add photos, videos, and other material to surveys. Real-time analytics help firms make data-driven decisions. Typeform stands out for its ability to break the norm in form design, offering a refreshing, efficient, and insightful approach to data collection across various business needs.

  • Effective data collection: Embed forms in various platforms, from websites to emails, and use smart follow-up questions to gather comprehensive data.
  • Seamless workflow integration: Incorporate forms into existing workflows with over 120 integrations, including Zapier, Calendly, and Hubspot.
  • Diverse application templates: Start with ready-made templates for various goals like customer feedback, employee engagement, product research, and more.
  • In-depth insights: 87% of Typeform customers have found deeper insights from data, showcasing the tool's effectiveness in revealing valuable information.


Typeform offers 4 pricing plans billed annually, along with a free plan.

Basic: $25/month

Plus: $50/month

Business: $83/month

Enterprise: Custom quote

8. Qualtrics

A screenshot of Qualtrics' 360 feedback landing page

Qualtrics, a prominent experience management tool, offers a prominent 360-degree feedback tool to its users. Businesses can create complex feedback questions with its survey development tools. Qualtrics allows companies to collect feedback from several sources via multi-rater evaluations. Feedback data is processed by its powerful analytics engine to produce thorough reports and actionable insights.

Qualtrics' text analysis features help firms gain insight from open-ended comments. The platform integrates with various business platforms for seamless data exchange. In-depth data analysis and intelligent survey design make Qualtrics a top choice for organizations seeking complete feedback solutions. Some of its 360 degree feedback features include:

  • Automated, personalized feedback: Aggregate 360 feedback into personalized reports, providing relevant insights tailored to each employee's role and development plan.
  • Customizable development programs: Create flexible workflows and personalized reports that fit your organization’s unique needs, culture, and values.
  • Action-linked learning resources: Connect feedback with learning resources, including LMS courseware and LinkedIn Learning, for immediate development action.
  • Comprehensive dashboard and analytics: Access a centralized dashboard to identify development opportunities and track employee progress with real-time analytics.


Qualtrics doesn't have a pricing plan, so you'll have to book a demo with the Sales team and ask them for a custom plan.

9. CultureAmp

A screenshot of Culture Amp's Homepage

Culture Amp is an employee experience platform that promotes positive workplace environments. It measures staff engagement and performance with 360-degree feedback questionnaires. Culture Amp's customizable surveys use industry-best templates. Businesses can track interaction trends and improve with real-time feedback from the platform.

Culture Amp guides organizations in action planning to handle feedback outcomes. Pulse surveys and continual feedback encourage manager-employee dialogue as well. Businesses that value employee well-being and happiness choose CultureAmp for its comprehensive feedback solutions and focus on positive workplace cultures.

  • Equitable process design: Utilize science-backed templates to create a fair and unbiased performance management process for all employees.
  • Comprehensive feedback tools: Leverage machine-learning powered tools for easy, ongoing, multi-source feedback, including 360° reviews.
  • Holistic organizational view: Gain insights into company-wide performance, identify focus areas, and take action based on comprehensive data.
  • Integration with engagement insights: Connect performance management with engagement and development insights, unlocking the full potential of your team.


Culture Amp has 3 pricing plans that require a custom quote. We recommend choosing the 'Perform' plan to get the Culture Amp's performance management and feedback features.

10. Alchemer

A screenshot of Alchemer's landing page

Alchemer is a versatile survey and feedback platform for corporate applications, including 360-degree feedback ratings. It lets firms construct extensive and personalized feedback questionnaires with its many survey question types. Alchemer allows companies to obtain feedback from multiple sources via multi-rater evaluations.

Real-time data visualization and analysis help organizations make decisions with the platform's reporting. Alchemer integrates with various business solutions for easy data sharing. Its focus on survey customization and data analysis makes it a good alternative for firms seeking customized 360-degree feedback solutions.

  • Customizable surveys for every need: Design and deliver powerful, custom surveys for various departments and purposes, ensuring relevant feedback collection.
  • Lifecycle feedback collection: Trigger targeted surveys at key moments in the employee journey, from candidate experience to offboarding.
  • Automated response actions: Set up automated notifications and actions based on survey responses for efficient follow-up.
  • In-Depth insights and reporting: Identify trends and share results with advanced reporting tools, offering real-time data segmentation and visualization.


Alchemer offers a free trial along with 4 pricing plans,

Collaborator: $55/user/month

Professional: $165/user/month

Full Access: $275/user/month

Business Platform: Request a demo

Perks of having 360 degree feedback by your side

Choosing a 360 degree feedback tool is a big decision. No doubt about that. So to persuade you a bit more and to put your mind at ease, here are some of the benefits you get when you incorporate a 360 degree feedback tool into your enterprise:

Holistic Performance Insights

360-degree feedback gives a comprehensive view of an employee's performance by including feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports. This approach reveals an employee's strengths and areas for improvement from multiple angles, offering a richer insight than traditional top-down evaluations. It enables targeted training and development, fostering a culture of ongoing growth.

Boosted Self-Awareness

Employees gain deeper self-awareness through feedback from various sources, helping them see how their actions impact others. This awareness prompts personal development, allowing individuals to leverage their strengths and address their weaknesses, thereby fostering a culture of accountability and self-improvement.

Empathy and Collaboration

This feedback method enriches workplace empathy and teamwork by sharing diverse perspectives and experiences. Understanding challenges faced by colleagues cultivates a supportive environment, enhancing empathy, respect, and inclusivity, which in turn promotes effective collaboration and problem-solving.

Personalized Skill Development

With 360-degree feedback, organizations can pinpoint specific skill gaps and competencies needing enhancement, leading to tailored development plans. This focused approach accelerates skill acquisition, boosting employee morale and performance as they see tangible progress.

Cultivating Accountability

The knowledge that feedback comes from multiple sources motivates employees to uphold their responsibilities and adhere to company standards. This heightened sense of accountability improves work ethic, punctuality, and adherence to policies, driving continuous improvement and enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness.

And That's a Wrap

Incorporating a 360-degree feedback tool offers benefits such as a holistic perspective on performance, enhanced self-awareness, fostering empathy and cooperation, customized skill development plans, and creating an accountability culture. It's a timeless investment in improving employee development and organizational growth.

We hope this article helped you make an informed decision in choosing the right 360 feedback tool for your organization.