Do you know what makes pulse surveys stand out from the rest of the employee surveys?

Pulse surveys have an average response rate of 85%, compared to 30–40% for employee engagement surveys. It is an excellent tool if you want your employees to respond better and faster to your surveys, and is super fun as well!

20 Best Employee Pulse Survey Tools in 2024

There are tons of employee pulse survey tools available in the market, but to save you the trouble, we have made a list of 20 of the very best of them:

1. ThriveSparrow

ThriveSparrow is one of the best employee pulse survey tools that provides employers with real-time information about their employees' sentiment and engagement levels. The best thing about ThriveSparrow is its unique features and adjustable settings. It promotes proactive decision-making and ongoing growth in the workplace.


  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) surveys allow you to easily measure employee loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Customized Frequency Options: You can tailor your feedback loop to your organization's rhythm by selecting survey frequency such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly.
  • Comprehensive eNPS Trend analysis: Gain actionable insights from an in-depth examination of eNPS patterns, allowing for ongoing development plans.
A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's Pulse Survey Trend Charts & Insights
  • Advanced Precision Filtering: Use precision filtering options to gain deep insights, including segmentation by department, location, or by date.
  • Focused Action Plans: Use deep-dive tools like eNPS trends and precision filtering to deploy focused interventions and generate meaningful change.
  • Flexible Customization Options: Customize survey tactics to your organization's specific needs, guaranteeing optimum relevance and efficacy.

Avail a 14-day free trial or get a free copy of our pulse survey reports to get a perspective on how you can leverage ThriveSparrow's pulse surveys.

2. Culture Monkey

A screenshot of Culture Monkey' Homepage

Culture Monkey offers comprehensive insights via pulse surveys, industry benchmark comparisons, and feedback analysis. It provides visual pulse timelines, prebuilt layouts, and anonymous polls to promote open collaboration.


  • Deep Insights: Culture Monkey offers thorough insights via pulse heatmaps, industry benchmark comparisons, and feedback analysis.
  • Visual Pulse Timeline: See the whole timeline of planned pulse surveys for easier tracking and management.
  • Custom frequency: Pulse surveys can be conducted weekly, biweekly, monthly, or at a custom frequency.
  • Anonymous Surveys: Conduct pulse surveys anonymously to encourage staff to provide honest feedback.
  • Prebuilt Templates: Choose from over 30 prebuilt employee pulse survey templates for rapid and efficient survey production.


You can book a demo with Culture Monkey and then request the pricing.

3. 15Five

A screenshot of 15Five's homepage

15Five's platform promotes employee growth and feedback sharing, fostering meaningful discussions and reviews. It provides objective tracking, one-on-one sessions, virtual high-fives, and adjustable price options.


  • Supportive Feedback Culture: Use 15Five's platform to promote employee growth and feedback exchange, allowing for meaningful interactions and reviews.
  • Objective Tracking: Monitor progress toward objectives (OKRs) and offer virtual high-fives to celebrate accomplishments.
  • Easy Sharing and cooperation: Quickly share replies and acknowledge colleagues for cooperation and support.


  • Engage: $4/month per user
  • Perform: $10/month per user
  • Total platform: $16/month per user

4. Culture Amp

A screenshot of Culture Amp's homepage

Culture Amp provides customized feedback solutions using pulse surveys to enhance staff engagement and performance. It offers data export, benchmarking, GDPR compliance, and bespoke surveys.


  • Tailored Feedback: Use CultureAmp's pulse surveys to get the correct feedback to boost staff engagement and performance.
  • Data Export and Analysis: Export data in various formats and use text analytics to gain deeper insights.
  • GDPR Compliance: Ensure that data is secure and in accordance with GDPR requirements.


There are 3 different plans, Engage, Perform, and Develop, where you'll need to request a quote.

5. TINYpulse

A screenshot of TINYpulse's homepage

TINYpulse provides real-time feedback collection to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. It features result-oriented templates, flexible question options, benchmarking capabilities, and effective negative feedback management.


  • Continuous input: Collect real-time input from employees to boost engagement and satisfaction.
  • Results-Driven Templates: Use survey templates that are designed to provide results and boost organizational performance.
  • Flexible Questioning: Create survey questions that meet unique organizational goals and issues.
  • Negative Criticism Management: Effectively handle and respond to negative criticism.


TINYpulse hasn't disclosed their pricing, so you can request them for a quote.

6. Weekdone

A screenshot of Weekdone's homepage

Weekdone is a program for monitoring OKRs, employee feedback, and project progress. It interacts with common project management software and provides flexible pricing options.


  • OKR Tracking: Use Weekdone's OKR tracking capability to measure your progress toward targets and key outcomes (OKRs).
  • Project Monitoring: Monitor and manage projects by integrating with common project management systems.
  • Visual Dashboards: Use complete dashboards to see project progress and status updates.
  • Integration Options: Improve functionality by seamlessly integrating with programs such as Basecamp, JIRA, Asana, Trello, and others.


  • Free: $0 for 1 to 3 users
  • Monthly: $10.80/users (4 to 10 users) to $4.20/users (above 500 users)
  • Annually: $9/users (4 to 10 users) to $3.50/users (above 500 users)

7. Officevibe

A screenshot of Officevibe's homepage

Officevibe offers anonymous pulse surveys and eNPS tracking to assess employee happiness and engagement. It provides eNPS tracking, negative feedback management, and benchmarking.


  • Anonymous Pulse Surveys: Develop and administer anonymous pulse surveys to solicit candid feedback from employees.
  • eNPS Tracking: Use employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to assess loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Benchmarking: Evaluate your organization's performance against industry benchmarks to discover opportunities for improvement.
  • Feedback discussions: Start and promote discussions based on the feedback you get to build a culture of continuous development.


  • Free plan available for 1 team
  • Essential: $3.50/person/month
  • Pro: $5/person/month

8. Microsoft Viva Glint

A screenshot of Microsoft Viva Glint's homepage

Glint offers employee pulse surveys and sophisticated dashboards to analyze corporate health. It provides access to standard questions, heat map analysis, narrative intelligence, and custom assistance.


  • Employee Pulse Surveys: Conduct pulse surveys to get information about employee attitude and engagement levels.
  • Engagement Dashboard: View a complete dashboard that analyzes your company's health using survey data and comments.
  • Standard Questions: To facilitate meaningful discussions, use Glint's standard questions based on proven engagement factors.


  • Employee Communications and Communities: $2/user/month
  • Workplace Analytics and Employee Feedback: $6/user/month
  • Viva Suite: $12/user/month

9. Qualtrics

A screenshot of Qualtrics' homepage

Qualtrics' XM package allows for feedback gathering throughout the employee lifecycle, including 360-degree feedback and pulse surveys. It provides a comprehensive question bank, benchmarking, and advanced data analysis.


  • 360-Degree input: Collect input from a variety of sources to create a complete picture of employee performance and engagement.
  • Question Library: Create bespoke pulse surveys tailored to your organization's needs using a wide library of questions.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your organization's performance to industry norms to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Sophisticated Data Analysis: Use sophisticated analytics technologies to get useful information from survey results and responses.


Qualtrics hasn't included their pricing, so you can contact them for a custom quote.

10. Lattice

A screenshot of Lattice's homepage

Lattice promotes ongoing feedback and goal alignment by providing performance reviews and integration options. It provides customisation possibilities and various price schemes.


  • Continuous Feedback: Using Lattice's pulse survey tools, you can foster a culture of continuous feedback by allowing employees and management to communicate regularly.
  • Goal Setting and Tracking: Establish, monitor, and align individual and team objectives to boost performance and engagement.
  • Performance Evaluations: Conduct performance evaluations and development discussions to help employees grow and develop.


  • Performance Management + OKRs & Goals (Bundle): $11 person/month
  • Engagement +: $4 person/month
  • Grow +: $4 person/month
  • Compensation +: $6 person/month

11. SurveyMonkey

A screenshot of SurveyMonkey's homepage

SurveyMonkey's adaptable survey platform enables customized pulse surveys and real-time data. It has a simple UI, many question categories, and customization possibilities.


  • SurveyMonkey's adaptable survey platform allows you to develop and run pulse surveys suited to the needs of your company.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Use SurveyMonkey's user-friendly interface to easily develop, distribute, and evaluate surveys.
  • Flexible Question forms: To get different input, use a range of question forms such as multiple-choice, open-ended, and Likert scale.


  • Team Advantage: $25/ user / month
  • Team Premier: $75/ user / month
  • Enterprise: Custom quote

12. Deel

A screenshot of Deel's homepage

Deel enables worldwide pulse surveys with multilingual assistance and real-time analytics. It assures compliance with local labor regulations and provides integration possibilities to improve functionality.


  • Worldwide Pulse Surveys: Conduct pulse surveys across worldwide teams and locations to get information about employee attitude and engagement.
  • Multi-Language Support: With Deel's multi-language support, you can conduct surveys in several languages to meet the needs of your varied workforce.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Use real-time analytics and dashboards to track survey responses, and find opportunities for improvement.
  • Compliance Management: Using Deel's compliance management services, you can ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations across regions and nations.


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13. Perceptyx

A screenshot of Perceptyx's homepage

Perceptyx provides valuable input through pulse surveys and anonymous voting to aid strategy planning and management reporting. It provides multilingual help and personalized account management.


  • Gather relevant feedback from workers with Perceptyx's pulse surveys and anonymous voting options.
  • Strategic Planning: Use Waggl to streamline strategic planning and decision-making processes based on employee feedback and insights.
  • Manager Reporting: Use manager reporting tools to track survey results and discover actionable trends and areas for improvement.


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14. Workday Peakon

A screenshot of Workday Peakon's homepage

Peakon is an employee success program that enables businesses to retain employees and promote their success inside the corporation. It simplifies the collecting of continuous, real-time feedback from employees, allowing firms to address problems quickly and make required modifications.


  • Peakon offers methods for retaining personnel and ensuring their performance inside the firm.
  • Continuous input: It allows firms to collect continuous, real-time input from their employees, allowing them to address complaints and make improvements more swiftly.
  • Peakon provides customisable survey questions based on each organization's particular needs and objectives.


  • Essential: $3.50/user/month
  • Premium: $4.50/user/month

15. Achievers

A screenshot of Achiever's homepage

Achievers promotes employee appreciation and real-time feedback to improve engagement and performance. It provides performance management tools, statistics, and customization possibilities.


  • Recognition and Rewards: Use Achievers' employee recognition platform to promote employee recognition and gratitude, hence increasing engagement and motivation.
  • Real-Time input: Collect real-time input from employees to identify areas for improvement and acknowledge accomplishments.
  • Performance Management: Use Achievers' performance management solutions to streamline performance management procedures while also promoting continuing feedback and development discussions.


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16. Energage

A screenshot of Energage's homepage

Energage performs anonymous pulse and bespoke surveys to assess employee engagement. It provides offline surveys, benchmarking, and data analytics.


  • Anonymous Pulse Surveys: Create and administer anonymous pulse surveys to solicit candid input from employees and assess employee engagement levels.
  • Offline Surveys: Conduct surveys offline to assist employees who work in remote areas or have restricted internet connection.


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17. Leena AI

A screenshot of Leena AI's homepage

Leena AI engages employees with conversational surveys and anticipates attrition using AI-driven analytics. It provides automatic invitations, integration features, and bespoke solutions.


  • Employee Engagement: Use Leena AI's conversational interface to engage employees and solicit feedback via pulse surveys and discussions.
  • Attrition Prediction: Use AI-powered data to forecast staff turnover and take proactive steps to keep top personnel.


Free trial: 14 days

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And That's a Wrap

The list looks long, but do not get intimidated. All you have to do is make a check-list of all the features you would like to have in your employee pulse survey tool and choose one that ticks most or all of the boxes.