The recent epidemic may have actually altered the very fabric of how we work.

But that won't deter us from creating engaged and enthusiastic employees! No matter what, we want you to succeed!

Working from home is excellent since employees can work from the comfort of their home, and play with their pet during their break. Though it's a great idea, it might be hard to keep remote teams motivated, engaged, and active with other members of the team.

Here are 15 distinctive virtual employee engagement activity ideas that can help enhance your employee's engagement, and take care of both their mental and physical well-being.

Virtual Employee Engagement - Why Is It Important?

Organizations create inclusiveness for remote employees through 'virtual employee engagement' activities.

As you hire more remote workers, it's crucial to keep everyone connected, engaged, and productive. This is essential for productivity and health.

As per Gallup's meta-analysis, companies that scored the highest on employee engagement were 21% more profitable. Also, they had achieved a higher productivity rate of 17%.

With remote workers frequently operating from home, the challenge lies in overcoming the physical distances that separate them.

Therefore, it's important to cater to every employee's engagement, whether they work on-site or remote. Establishing such a positive and inclusive work culture is essential. A good company culture increases revenue by 4x.

15 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas

By the end of this blog, you will fall in love with almost all of these remote team building activities, and maybe even come up with new ideas of your own!

1. Online happy hours

Online happy hours allow individuals to mingle and have fun. Video chat tools like Zoom or Skype make it feel like going to a pub or restaurant with friends. You can fix online gatherings for your staff to relax, laugh, and celebrate their triumphs. You can have a cool drink from your favorite restaurant without leaving home! 

2. Virtual team-building games

These games are engaging and bring your team closer. Trivia challenges and virtual escape rooms are great online team-building exercises for friends and coworkers. Have fun solving puzzles and breaking codes with your team! It is indeed one of the unique techniques for fostering collaboration.

Our team recently went on day-trip where we all participated in various team-building trivia, and worked together in escape rooms. This helped bring the team together and strengthen our bonds as teammates.

3. Virtual coffee conversations!

Encourage team members to have virtual coffee conversations to catch up. Just ask your employees to prepare a cup of coffee at home and then chat with their team just as they would at the office.

4. Remote talent Show

Remote talent shows can be so rad! From home, employees can participate in this talent show, which might even encourage the introverted members of your team to come out of their shells as well!

That's cool, right? Why not remotely hold a team talent show, then? It inspires innovation in your staff. It's an opportunity to perform entertaining songs, dances, or hidden abilities and establish connections! 

5. Create activity and interest clubs

Create a virtual book or movie group! Employees can discuss their favorite novels and movies. A book club gathering or tiny film festival on their laptop screens can be a much-needed breath of fresh air for them. Make sure to add it to your list.

We use various Slack channels in our workspace, where some are made for fun activities, and inclusive clubs.

6. Online wellness classes

Virtual yoga, meditation, and mindfulness activities improve well-being. Finding balance and being calm is crucial, especially at home! If there is one idea that you would pick from this list, make it this one. Never ignore the mental and physical well-being of your employees, especially when they are not at the office. 

7. Online culinary classes

We know this idea stands out like a sore thumb, or something like that. But hear us out. Cooking can be quite relaxing if done the right way, and it can allow you to maybe see a new side of your employees. Team members may showcase their wonderful recipes online while learning new cooking skills and cooking together! 

8. Remote volunteer activities from home

Team together to accomplish virtual volunteer assignments. Support a charity or local group from home to spread positivity! 

9. Virtual team challenges

Let's create exciting online team competitions that promote collaboration! The most essential thing is to encourage each other till the finish, whether we're doing something artistic or physically challenging! 

10. Establishing an online space for employee appreciation

Shout-outs recognize our employees' hard work and accomplishments. Thank your outstanding team members for some virtual acknowledgment! Publicly praising someone's work is like giving them a virtual high-five.

Take ThriveSparrow, for instance. It's a great platform to help you spread good vibes among your colleagues virtually. 🌟

You know those moments when your co-worker totally saves the day or nails a project? Well, with ThriveSparrow, you can give them a virtual high-five (or a Kudos, as we like to call it) in just a few clicks! It's like saying, "Hey, you're awesome, and I appreciate you."

Whether it's their lightning-fast project skills or their all-around awesomeness, you can show your appreciation with some inspiring words and a virtual pat on the back.

And here's the best part – when you start recognizing and appreciating your team's efforts, it's like pouring fuel on the motivation fire.

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's Recognition Module
Kudos - ThriveSparrow's Recognition Module

Create a workplace that's not just thriving but bursting with positive vibes, no matter where your team is. Get started today and enhance your company's work culture now.

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11. Remote skill sharing sessions 

Remote skill-sharing sessions are a terrific way to acquire new skills at home. They can encourage team members to exchange information. Everyone can learn and excel at something! Just because you are at home doesn't mean it is the end of learning new and exciting things, right?

12. Online town halls 

Online town halls allow community members to debate relevant problems. These online meetings allow anyone to join from home. It is a handy way to jog the old excitement and enthusiasm in employees as well. Your employees should ask questions and talk with the executive team in online town hall sessions. It's an opportunity to communicate and be transparent! 

Every quarter, our executive team connects with everyone else and conducts AMA sessions, where employees anonymously asks questions, and raise concerns, fostering transparent and open communication.

13. Exercises to enhance bonding

Virtual teams can compete in online challenges as a team. Teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving are encouraged by these difficulties. They can be exciting and engaging for team bonding and work. Online team-building tasks may bond groups. Working together and having fun is key in virtual escape rooms and treasure hunts.

14. Office games

We know this sounds a bit similar to the previous point, but it's not. This one is complete and absolutely fun. Nothing work-related whatsoever. Office games are wonderful for communicating with coworkers and having fun remotely. Have you played virtual office games? Playing Pictionary or charades online may make the virtual office more entertaining. A fun technique to get everyone to have fun during breaks.

15. Remote learning sessions

Unlike skill-sharing sessions where employees can share their skills, learning sessions focus on helping employees learn more about topics related to their work which enables them to become more efficient at what they do. The learning sessions can be brief and interesting so that employees don't feel overworked or exhausted.

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Get Started with These Ideas

Virtual employee involvement is permanent. It is crucial for your remote team's success in 2023 and beyond! Choose from any of these 15 great ideas to make your virtual workplace more fun and team-building.

Online happy hours and talent displays aren't only for fun (but they are!). It is to unite distant employees, enhance morale, and build community.

Virtual interaction bridges distances and links individuals. No matter where you go, your team will excel. Make sure to innovate and collaborate! And if you feel stuck at any point, always remember that ThriveSparrow is just one click away. Just click the chat box in the corner.