Talent Management Software is a comprehensive tool that aids companies in recruiting, training, and retaining skilled employees. Think of it as a unique matchmaking service benefiting both employers and employees.

We've compiled a list of 12 of the best talent management software to help you choose the right one for your organization.

12 Best Talent Management Software of 2024

Let's look at each of them a little bit more in detail.

1. ThriveSparrow for Employee Success

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's Homepage

ThriveSparrow is an employee success platform focused on transforming the employee experience ecosystem. Designed to be an HR professional's best ally, it offers an all-in-one solution for enhancing workplace culture and managing employee engagement effectively. With features like integrated kudos, real-time analytics, and customizable engagement surveys, ThriveSparrow stands out as an intuitive and impactful tool for fostering a thriving workplace.

ThriveSparrow is built on 2 key modules, Engage and Kudos.

Engage: This foundational module offers a comprehensive array of surveys, encompassing engagement, wellness, and pulse surveys. HR professionals can utilize these tools to consistently evaluate and address the overall well-being of their organization.

Kudos: Going beyond mere recognition, the Kudos module serves as a platform for peer-to-peer acknowledgment, encouraging the entire organization to participate in celebrating employee achievements. This module seamlessly integrates with Slack and has played a crucial role in fostering a culture of appreciation within our company.

Key Features

  • Utilize research-backed question banks to craft and share surveys in under two minutes.
  • Offer a unique rewards system where employees can redeem points for gifts from their favorite stores.
  • Drive healthy competition and acknowledge top performers with an engaging leaderboard.
  • Facilitate idea sharing, peer appreciation, and teamwork within a unified platform.
  • Gain real-time insights into engagement levels with heatmaps and detailed manager reports, enabling targeted strategies to boost morale and retention.


ThriveSparrow is built on 2 key modules whose pricing are:

Engage: $3 a month per employee

Kudos: $2 a month per employee

Try ThriveSparrow today, you can get the most out of both Engage and Kudos with just one plan that costs $4 per month per employee.

2. Workday for Diversity and Inclusion

A screenshot of Workday's landing page

Embrace the future of work with Workday's Talent Management software, trusted by global companies like Bank of America and Target Corporation. This platform sets itself apart with AI and ML-driven insights, offering personalized career development, skill-based learning, and effective talent acquisition to build diverse and agile teams.

Most Prominent Features

  • The unified platform merges HCM and finance management for a complete view of company data.
  • Workday's straightforward UI makes it easy for employees and HR experts to utilize.
  • It is mobile-friendly, so users can manage HR activities and access critical information anywhere.
  • The platform provides real-time financial reporting and analytics to help enterprises track their financial performance.
  • Prioritizes security and compliance to secure sensitive data and meet regulatory standards.


Workday charges companies a yearly fee to use their services. On its website, Workday doesn't say how much it costs, but some users say that prices start at $99 per person, per month. 

3. Bamboo HR for the Performance Management Geeks

A screenshot of Bamboo HR homepage

Bamboo HR manages employee performance exceedingly well, making it a good alternative for firms that look forward to tracking and analyzing their employee performance. Its simple interface allows HR managers to create performance targets, measure progress, and provide timely feedback. This strategy is used by companies to maintain a high-performance environment in their workplace.

Key Features Include

  • BambooHR Centralizes and makes employee data such as personal information, employment history, performance records, and more accessible.
  • The ESS (employee self-service) feature lets users update their information, check pay stubs, request time off, and manage other HR activities.
  • ATS streamlines the recruiting process by posting job positions, tracking applications, and managing applicant interactions.
  • It tracks and manages employee vacation, sick, and other leave.
  • BambooHR lets HR professionals create bespoke HR metrics reports using reporting and analytics technologies.


Plans for BambooHR start at $99 a month for 12 employees. Each extra employee costs $8.25 a month after 12 are hired. 

If you pay extra, BambooHR can also handle your payroll: 

  • Payroll for ten employees: $75 a month plus $4.25 for each extra employee
  • It costs $150 a month to pay up to 20 employees.
  • Payroll for 21 or more employees: $7.25 per employee per month

4. UKG Pro for Focus on People Analytics 

A screenshot of UKG Pro's landing page

UKG Pro excels at leveraging sophisticated data to understand employees. In other words, it helps convert complicated employee analytics data into an easy and understandable form for managers to act upon. It provides future analytics and data-driven insights in addition to HR data. This helps organizations make informed decisions, organize their workforces, and function more effectively.

Key Features

  • UKG Pro provides workforce management tools for time and attendance tracking, scheduling, and labor management.
  • The platform facilitates continuous performance feedback, employee development, and aligning individual goals with organizational objectives.
  • ESS functionalities contribute to increased employee engagement and empower individuals to handle routine HR tasks independently.


UKG Pro is a cloud-based subscription service that bills businesses per employee per month. Depending on the size of the organization and the modules offered, pricing might range from $26 to $37 per employee every month.

5. Paycor for Industry Specific Needs

A screenshot of Paycor's homepage

Paycor is a trusted choice for over 40,000 businesses, including Wendy's and Detroit Zoo, for its comprehensive HR and payroll solutions. Recognized by G2 and Capterra for its efficiency, Paycor excels in areas like talent acquisition, workforce management, and benefits administration, aiding leaders in building and nurturing high-performing teams.

Paycor helps businesses with industry-specific demands. Manufacturing, healthcare, and other specialized fields can use Paycor's products. It ensures HR procedures suit your company, improving compliance and production.

Prominent Features

  • Paycor offers services related to tax credits, helping organizations identify and take advantage of available tax credits.
  • Some versions of Paycor include a Learning Management System, providing tools for employee training and development.
  • Paycor typically includes benefits administration features, allowing organizations to manage employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.


Paycor's Basic package is $99 per month + $6 per employee per month. This plan contains important payroll features such as: 

  • Payroll and tax preparation
  • Salary garnishments

Paycor provides a 14-day free trial, and some businesses also qualify for a 3-month free trial.

6. Rippling to Give You an Easy User Interface

A screenshot of Rippling's homepage

Rippling stands out as a highly-rated workforce platform, perfect for businesses of all sizes. It simplifies HR, IT, and Finance management by integrating payroll, benefits, device, and app management into a single, user-friendly system. Ideal for global teams, Rippling offers a unified solution for effortless scaling, compliance, and efficient management of diverse workforce needs.

Key Features Include

  • Rippling unites employee data with workflow management. This covers onboarding, offboarding, personnel records, and compliance. The software centralizes personnel data and automates administrative chores to expedite HR operations and decrease mistakes.
  • Automation: Rippling goes beyond HR with automated IT provisioning. This capability lets companies control employee email, software, and hardware access. 


Rippling Unity

Price is $35 plus $8 per user, per month

Custom Modular Pricing

Price is determined by quote

7. 15Five if Employee Engagement is your Agenda

A screenshot of 15Five's homepage

15Five offers a unique approach to performance management, transcending traditional platforms by transforming data into actionable insights. Trusted by over 3,500 organizations including HubSpot and Credit Karma, 15Five's AI-driven system not only measures but actively improves team performance and engagement. It stands as a strategic tool for HR, providing a comprehensive dashboard and tools for effective management and employee development.

15Five puts a lot of value on having engaged employees. It uses recognition, feedback, and pulse surveys to inspire employees. 15Five helps firms improve their environments so employees are happier, so much more productive, and more inclined to remain.

Key Features

  • Science-backed prompt surveys: Send them throughout your company in 2 clicks.
  • Impact analysis: View engagement data in the HR outcomes dashboard.
  • Customized Surveys: Use best-practice templates for engagement, manager effectiveness, DEI, and more to customize surveys for your firm.
  • In-House Advising and Coaching: Executive advisers draft engagement strategies.


Engage: $4/user/month billed annually

Perform: $10/user/month billed annually

Total Platform: $16/user/month billed annually

8. Namely Gives You the Best Social Features

A screenshot of Namely's landing page

Namely goes beyond traditional talent management by offering a platform that employees genuinely enjoy using. It's not just about fun perks; Namely focuses on meaningful engagement and performance review, offering tools like goal tracking and continuous feedback. Ideal for businesses seeking to attract and retain top talent, Namely empowers HR with strategic solutions to boost morale, reduce turnover, and align individual goals with company objectives.

Namely excels at social HR products that connect employees. With employee profiles, social media, and collaboration tools, the organization seems like a neighborhood. It enhances staff relations and teamwork by encouraging communication, thus improving business morale.

Most Prominent Features

  • Namely's integrated HR and payroll software is extensive. This interface simplifies HR procedures by centralizing employee data, payroll, benefits, time tracking, and other HR duties. 
  • It lets workers update their personal information, check pay stubs, request time off, and manage benefits. 
  • Namely's powerful reporting and analytics capabilities allow HR professionals and company leaders to create customized reports and analyze HR data. 


Namely's pricing starts at $15 per month. However, the price can range from $18–$24 per employee per month (PEPM) depending on the company's size and the modules included. 

9. Bob to Build a Thriving Culture

A screenshot of Hi Bob Inc. platform homepage

Bob offers a revolutionary approach to performance management, integrating every aspect of the process into a seamless, centralized platform. With its 360° review capabilities, Bob empowers employees with complete career insights, enabling fair and comprehensive evaluations. It's designed for flexibility, allowing personalized goal setting and providing valuable insights for continuous development, making it ideal for teams of any size or location.

If you believe that culture is the foundation of a successful business, we urge you to take a look at Bob. If you think cooperation and the environment make a business thrive, BINGO. It helps create a business culture, recognize people, and provide prizes. Bob promotes a healthy workplace to attract and retain talent.

Key Features

  • Culture Building and Recognition: Bob seems to focus on corporate culture by offering tools and features to create a good and collaborative workplace. This may involve staff recognition, teamwork, and value reinforcement.
  • Staff Engagement and Motivation: The platform appears to reward individual efforts to boost staff engagement and motivation. Bob may give awards and recognition to make employees feel valued, motivated, and more willing to help the firm succeed.


You can directly contact the service provider to get detailed information regarding their pricing plans. 

10. Trivie for Microlearning

A screenshot of Trivie's homepage

Tech keeps changing around us, and the only way to keep up is through continuous learning. Trivie specializes in microlearning with its quick, live courses, which help employees upskill without feeling overwhelmed. The lessons are simple, fascinating, and easy to read. This strategy boosts employees' abilities and knowledge without overwhelming them, making learning new things easy and pleasant for everyone.

Trivie redefines workforce training by blending AI-generated tools, gamification, and community interaction into a modern engagement platform. Preferred by top companies like McDonald's and GE Healthcare, Trivie ensures enjoyable, effective learning experiences. Its unique approach boosts long-term knowledge retention, allowing employees to remember over 90% of training a year later. With high-definition analytics, Trivie transforms learning into actionable insights, making it a go-to solution for enhancing organizational effectiveness across various domains like onboarding, sales, and cybersecurity.

Most Prominent Features

  • Combines AI-generative tools, community elements, and gamification for an engaging learning experience.
  • Includes gamification features like leaderboards and badges to maintain high engagement.
  • Provides clear, actionable reports and insights for continuous improvement in knowledge transfer.
  • Versatile for various training needs including onboarding, sales, safety, cybersecurity, and compliance.


Free Trial

Unlimited learners for 21 days

$0 Full access to Trivie for 21 days


Up to 100 learners

$499 Per month, billed annually


101-250 learners

$999 Per month, billed annually

Large Company

251-500 learners

$1,499 Per month, billed annually

11. Greenhouse for Distributed Hiring

A screenshot of Greenhouse's homepage

Greenhouse is the go-to operating system for companies prioritizing people in their hiring process. It streamlines everything from sourcing to onboarding, empowering teams to make informed, unbiased, and confident hiring decisions. With tools for reducing bias, improving diversity, and enhancing team efficiency, Greenhouse is an all-in-one solution for optimizing the hiring journey.

Key Features Include

  • Greenhouse emphasizes organized interviewing to improve consistency and fairness. 
  • It has powerful analytics and reporting features. Users can measure KPIs, evaluate hiring pipeline data, and obtain insights into their recruitment operations. 
  • It also  helps recruiting teams collaborate by offering a platform for discussion and feedback. The technology allows hiring managers, recruiters, and other team members to exchange applicant information, interview feedback, and agree on recruiting choices. 


Greenhouse has Essential, Advanced, and Expert packages available which can be chosen depending on your company need. You can visit their website and ask for a demo to learn more about the pricing.

12. HealthStream Specifically for the Healthcare Industry

A screenshot of HealthStream's homepage

The healthcare industry cannot be compared to any other sector of business. HealthStream is made just for the healthcare business. To be honest, the healthcare sector is unique in business. HealthStream is for healthcare employees. It issues medical licenses, trains healthcare personnel, and monitors regulatory compliance to suit healthcare enterprises' safety and demands. HealthStream ensures healthcare firms follow HR guidelines to deliver excellent patient care and comply with regulatory regulations.

Prominent Features

  • The HealthStream LMS is designed for the healthcare business. This software helps healthcare businesses organize, provide, and track staff training and education. 
  • It offers credentialing and privileging solutions for healthcare practitioners. Credentialing verifies a healthcare professional's credentials and history, whereas privileging offers clinical privileges based on their expertise.
  • Performance management systems, competence assessment modules, and other features assist healthcare businesses analyze staff abilities, identify areas for growth, and design focused development programs.


For pricing and purchase options, individuals and companies contact the HealthStream Content Marketplace team at store@healthstream.com because specific information is not provided on their website. 

Selecting the Right Talent Management Software

Choosing talent management software for your company is indeed a big decision. It is completely okay and actually necessary for you to evaluate and analyze as many options as possible so that you end up with a TMS that is the right fit for your company. What we have done here is reduce your workload by half. Now you have to worry about choosing a TMS from only these 12, as we assure you that they are the absolute best right now in the industry. Make a mental note of the features that struck you while going through each platform so that the right answer comes to you once you sit down to weigh each of them.