You may have come across or considered using Betterworks to assess your employees' progress, as it is a widely utilized performance management platform offering an extensive range of features to keep teams on track.

However, despite its comprehensive service, Betterworks often comes with higher pricing compared to other alternatives, surpassing the budgetary limits of many companies.

Additionally, if your company is new to the performance management aspect, Betterworks may not be the most suitable choice.

In this blog, we will present 15 alternatives and competitors to Betterworks, assisting you in selecting the best performance management solution that will:

  • Support the professional development of your workforce through a variety of useful features.
  • Save you money and effort by providing a streamlined onboarding process and integrations, eliminating the need to start from scratch with new tools.
  • Save you time from solutions that do not align well with your business's specific needs.

Overviews of the 15 Best Betterworks Alternatives

Let's look at each one of them a little bit more in detail.

1. ThriveSparrow

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's homepage

ThriveSparrow, a top-notch alternative to Betterworks, elevates employee engagement and fosters peer-to-peer recognition, leading to overall performance management. It equips your team with purpose, ultimately leading them to grow and perform better at their roles.

ThriveSparrow lets you create and share employee engagement and pulse surveys quickly with the help of research-backed question-banks. This lets you assess their sentiment, act on their feedback, and create tailored plans to boost each individual's performance.

Key Features That Set ThriveSparrow Apart Include

1. Group Reports: Get competency summaries of individuals and teams across departments and projects.

2. GAP Analysis: Get a complete overview of an individual's skills on a radar chart comparing self-rating to peer-rating.

3. Team Analytics: Empower your managers with real-time performance data, helping optimize workflows and drive results.

4. Engagement Surveys: ThriveSparrow powers up your employee feedback with engaging surveys and gives you valuable insights into employee satisfaction and motivation.

5. Heatmaps: Unveil engagement levels across departments with Heatmaps, enabling targeted strategies to boost morale and retention.

6. Smooth Integrations: Effortlessly integrate for popular collaboration and productivity platforms like Slack and Google Workspace to streamline workflows and enhance employee engagement.

7. Celebrate Achievements: Foster a culture of recognition by celebrating and appreciating employees for their hard work, awarding them Kudos points that can be redeemed for rewards later.

8. AI-Based PDPs: ThriveSparrow offers AI-Based personal development plans (PDPs) that allow managers to efficiently create tailored development strategies and performance improvement plans for each team member with just a click, significantly saving time and effort.

In summary, ThriveSparrow enhances the entire employee experience, creating a thriving workplace along with high performance.


ThriveSparrow offers a 14-day free trial to use the platform to your heart's content.

It has 3 plans billed annually,

Engage: Drive employee engagement with surveys and real-time feedback. Starts from $3/month/employee.

Kudos: Recognize, reward, and inspire your team from anywhere. Starts from $2/month/employee.

Performance: Streamline your performance reviews and professional development plans. Starts from $5/month/employee.

Experience the power of ThriveSparrow with a 14-day free trial.

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2. Lattice

A screenshot of Lattice's homepage

Lattice is a comprehensive people management platform that seamlessly integrates various tools, workflows, and insights to assist organizations in developing engaged and high-performing employees within a thriving culture.

Notably, Lattice has been recognized for its exceptional growth, appearing on the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list for three consecutive years. Additionally, an impressive 99 percent of its employees have rated Lattice as a Great Place to Work.

With a global customer base exceeding 5,000 organizations, including renowned companies such as Slack, Cruise, and Reddit, Lattice has proven its effectiveness as a noteworthy Betterworks alternative in transforming the employee experience and enhancing organizational success.

  • Robust Performance Management Solution: Lattice adapts to your performance review cycle with intuitive dashboards, customizable templates, automated workflows, and rules.
  • Efficient Meeting Agendas: Empower managers to conduct more effective one-on-one meetings with customizable cadences and meeting agendas.
  • Performance Review Context Panels: Enhance review quality by providing reviewers with historical feedback through context panels, resulting in quicker and more informed evaluations.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate noteworthy achievements by seamlessly integrating for collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Performance Management + OKRs & Goals: $11/person/month

Engagement: $4/person/month

Grow: $4/person/month

Compensation: $6/person/month

3. BambooHR

A screenshot of BambooHR's landing page

BambooHR is an all-in-one solution with which you can automate key functions, tasks, and integrations, all while accessing a centralized data source.

By collecting and tracking electronic signatures, BambooHR simplifies people operations, ensuring a fast, organized, end smooth process for everyone involved.

Whether it's onboarding, performance management, or offboarding, BambooHR lets you to tap into workflows at every stage of the employee lifecycle, promoting smooth and efficient operations for your organization.

Some of BambooHR's key features include:

  • Detailed Assessments: With self- and manager assessments, managers can identify strengths, thereby fostering meaningful discussions.
  • Customizable Options: Customize performance reviews with surveys that can be tailored and scheduled as you need.
  • Automated Reminders: Stay updated with automated reminders and goal notifications.
  • Goal Status Report: Get a department-wide progress overview with the Goal Status report.


The pricing hasn't been disclosed, so you can contact BambooHR to obtain the pricing details.

4. 15Five

A screenshot of 15Five's homepage

Elevating the performance of any organization requires continuous employee engagement, and 15Five is a performance management software that excels at achieving this goal. With its holistic and ongoing approach, 15Five stands as an ideal alternative to Betterworks, with a focus on people management strategies.

The platform effectively promotes collaboration among employees and enables the management of remote teams, driving the business forward. By leveraging 15Five's capabilities, organizations can establish a culture of consistent feedback and communication, leading to improved performance and success.

  • Quick and Easy Review Cycle Setup: Setup review cycles in as little as 15 minutes with guidance, templates, and easy customizations.
  • Standardized Performance Criteria: Use research-backed algorithms to standardize performance criteria, and produce actionable ratings.
  • Eliminate recency bias with Calibrations.
  • Simplified Rewards Structure: Simplify complex merit and reward structures by importing performance reviews into Compensation.
  • Career Hub: Explore roles, career paths, and competencies in Career Hub.


15Five offers 3 pricing plans billed annually.

Engage (Employee Engagement): $4/user/month

Perform (Performance Management): $10/user/month

Total platform (Includes Engage & Perform): $16/user/month

5. Synergita

A screenshot of Synergita's landing page

Established in 2009, Synergita is an all-encompassing performance management platform specializing in employee recognition and development, goal and performance management. With a convenient mobile app, employees can provide and receive anonymous ratings aligned with company values.

Synergita goes beyond by offering individual development plans, outlining clear career growth paths that managers can refine. Managers also have the authority to suggest training programs, contributing to professional development.

Synergita's suite empowers organizations to manage performance effectively, nurture employee growth, and align individual goals with company objectives. Some notable features of Synergita include:

  • Matrix hierarchy: Synergita’s matrix/holacratic goal management system supports the matrix reporting structure with the unique goals mapping attributes.
  • Mobile app: Update goals, check team's progress, and share feedback via the mobile app.
  • AI-powered sentiment analysis: Gain deeper understanding of feedback and reviews with natural language processing.
  • Upward feedback: 360-degree feedback allows employees to give open and anonymous feedback to top leaders.


Synergita has 4 pricing plans, billed annually.

Engage: $2/employee/month

Perform Plus: $7/employee/month

OKR Growth: $5/employee/month

All in one: $12/employee/month

6. Keka

A screenshot of Keka's landing page

Keka is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution designed to assist businesses in effectively managing various aspects of their workforce. With Keka, organizations can handle staff profiles, monitor attendance, streamline recruitment processes, and analyze performance.

Notable features of the platform include GPS functionality, pulse surveys, document storage, help-desk support, role-based permissions, workflow management, and asset tracking. 

By leveraging these features, businesses can enhance their HR operations, ensure efficient employee management, and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making. Keka provides a comprehensive suite of tools to optimize HR processes and drive organizational success.

Some of those tools include:

  • One-on-one meeting tool: Accelerate your team’s growth by tracking each employees’ progress and discuss the issues one on one. Keka automatically updates meetings onto your calendar.
  • Continuous feedback: Managers can provide feedback in private and maintain internal notes on employees for future appraisals.
  • OKR tool: Keka accommodates both traditional objectives/goals and modern OKRs, ensuring alignment across the organization.
  • Transparent feedback: Allow employees to nominate their peers or managers for feedback, promoting a transparent 360-degree feedback system.


Foundation: $96/month up to 100 employees

Strength: $137/month up to 100 employees

Growth: $192/month up to 100 employees

7. Profit

A screenshot of Profit's homepage

Profit is a continuous performance management software that takes a data-driven approach to streamline workflows and empower employee growth. Profit is a good alternative to Betterworks that lets you create Objectives & Key Results at all levels of your organization, ensuring alignment throughout your entire company. 

Profit has an insightful dashboard that gives an overview of comprehensive data and analytics that helps the HR and management team make informed decisions regarding performance management and talent development.

Some of Profit’s prominent features include:

  • Comprehensive feedback: Get in-depth feedback with flexible questionnaires and review templates.
  • 360-degree feedback: Ensure a transparent and fair workplace giving real-time insights into goals, progress, and metrics, and fostering an unbiased review process.
  • Real-time reports: Access actionable insights through real-time reports, that help you track business performance and evaluate high performers.
  • Identify and nurture leaders: Automate development plans, identify improvement areas, and create personalized development plans.


Profit offers a free plan for up to 5 users.

The Growth plan starts at $7/month/user billed annually.

The Enterprise plan requires a custom quote.

8. AssessTeam

AssessTeam is a performance management software that enables businesses in diverse industry verticals to assess, analyze, and evaluate team performance effectively.

This platform is a prominent Betterworks alternative that supports multiple evaluations like traditional top-down assessments, 360 feedback, real-time feedback, project productivity evaluations, and 30-60-90 evaluations. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt the evaluation process to their specific needs and requirements.

‍Additionally, mobile apps for Android and iPhone platforms ensure that evaluations can be conducted quickly and effortlessly. These mobile apps have successfully processed over 2 million assessments, offering convenience and ease of use for both managers and employees.

What makes AssessTeam stand out:

  • Simplified performance evaluation: Thousands of professionally built preconfigured performance indicators make it easy for new companies to start quickly and understand their performance. 
  • Real-time productivity analysis: Track project margins in real-time and get alerts to take remedial measures when projects are at risk.
  • Streamlined time-tracking: Cloud and mobile-app based time sheets helps save hours of manual work.
  • Easy evaluations: Tracking reports helps managers assess employee performance, and areas of improvement. AssessTeam helps them visualize and schedule performance evaluations as needed.


AssessTeam has 3 plans billed annually:

Basic: $3/person/month

Premium: $4/person/month

Enterprise: $5/person/month

9. Cornerstone

A screenshot of Cornerstone's homepage

Cornerstone is a talent experience platform designed to help organizations drive internal mobility and shape workforce agility. It's AI-powered features help deliver insights and personalized experiences to all people in the organization.

The platform enables you to create intelligent workflows, and see and predict trends on people and skills data. The skills data from each employee helps organizations decide who should transition into leadership roles.

How Cornerstone addresses performance management:

  • Skill graphs: Unearth skill gaps with 180 and 360-degree feedback, self-assessments, and competency models.
  • Observation checklist: Real-time skill assessment for precise competency evaluation.
  • Smart feedback and check-ins: Crowdsource feedback and gamify the experience with badges.
  • Data and dashboards: Get an accurate, global view of your talent landscape with powerful filters to identify individuals or make better-informed decisions for talent strategies.


The pricing for this platform isn't available on their site, so you may have to book a demo and then get in touch with their experts.

10. Leapsome

A screenshot of Leapsome's homepage

Leapsome is a comprehensive people management platform that offers a range of modules, including performance management, learning management, strategic alignment, and employee engagement. 

Trusted by renowned companies like Spotify, Mercedes Benz, and Bolt, Leapsome's software facilitates a continuous cycle of performance management while also providing personalized learning plans to drive ongoing employee development. Here's how Leapsome helps with performance management:

  • Foster a feedback culture: Promote constructive feedback via performance and 360-degree review
  • Optimize reviews: Customize and track performance and project reviews with best-practice templates. Use review data for performance management and development.
  • Goal & OKR Management: Efficiently manage and align individual and company goals for accountability and transparency.
  • Boost the efficiency of meetings: Hold effective 1:1s and team meetings. Collaborate on agendas, take notes, and assign actions with calendar integration.


Pricing isn’t available, so you can contact Sales for a customized quote, and obtain details on multi-module and user-volume discounts.

11. Small Improvements

A screenshot of Small Improvement's homepage

Small Improvements is a lean performance management system that helps people give one another feedback to grow and succeed in their careers. The platform offers a complete performance management toolkit that helps provide continuous feedback, conduct performance reviews, and set goals for employee growth and success.

One notable feature that puts Small Improvements in the list of Betterworks alternatives is it's feedback request feature. This feature allows employees to take charge of theri performance and career growth by requesting for feedback as and when they require it.

Some of Small Improvement's most prominent features are:

  • Real-time feedback: Users can easily offer praise, request feedback, and prepare for 1:1 meetings, all on Slack and Gmail Workspace.
  • Lean performance reviews: Streamlined performance reviews and 360-degree feedback.
  • Pulse-surveys for employee insights: Use lightweight pulse surveys to gather employee feedback throughout the year, enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Objectives and key results (OKRs): Define challenging objectives and key results. Collaborate with others on their goals and align with company objectives.


Performance Starter pack: $5/user/month billed annually

Feedback and performance suite: $7/user/month billed annually

12. ClearCompany

A screenshot of ClearCompany's landing page

ClearCompany provides a comprehensive talent management solution that easily connects their applicant tracking system (ATS) with their onboarding process. The platform offers additional modules for performance management, workforce planning & analytics, and employee engagement, creating an end-to-end solution for managing talent within organizations. 

What's more, their software is mobile-friendly, making it a suitable choice for teams that operate outside traditional desk-based environments. 

Here’s how ClearCompany helps with performance management:

  • Simplified review cycle management: Easily tailor review workflows, questions, formats, and communication with digital cycle administration tools.
  • Robust analytics: Analyze performance data with detailed reports.
  • User-friendly experience: Provide a seamless and mobile-friendly review process. Allow employees to complete reviews in their preferred language.
  • Goal planning and engagement: Increase alignment on priorities, goals, and success metrics.


ClearCompany hasn’t disclosed their pricing. You will need to contact them for a custom quote.

13. Workday

A screenshot of Workday's homepage

Workday is a human capital management (HCM) software that helps organizations of all sizes manage their workforce more effectively.

Workday's performance management tools provide a personalized experience for each employee, leveraging machine learning and data-driven insights to tailor feedback, development opportunities, and goal setting to individual needs and aspirations.

  • Personalized performance management: Tailored feedback, development, and goals using machine learning.
  • Conversational interactions: Simplifies performance tasks via Workday Assistant.
  • Performance reminders: Custom cards remind you in time and ensure timely actions.
  • Journey support: Tailored guidance for career milestones.


To obtain the pricing details, you'll need to contact their Sales team.

14. PerformYard

A screenshot of PerformYard's homepage

PerformYard is a complete performance management toolkit that streamlines and formalizes your process for performance reviews, goals, and continuous feedback. PerformYard has helped companies across various sectors improve organizational performance and align employees with their mission and values.

PerformYard provides its performance management solution for a range of industries including HealthCare, Construction, Real Estate, Legal, Software, Consulting, and many more, making it a diverse alternative to Betterworks.

Key features include:

  • Check-ins & development: Support regular employee-manager check-ins for goal progress and feedback.
  • Performance reviews: Streamlined process with customizable templates and feedback tools.
  • Goal templates: Pre-built templates for quick goal setup.
  • Reporting & analytics: Comprehensive performance tracking and trend identification.


The pricing for this platform starts at $5/person/month billed annually.

15. Reviewsnap

A screenshot of Reviewsnap's homepage

Reviewsnap's acclaimed performance management software offers a flexible, robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective online solution. It includes performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, note-taking, and reporting, all under one affordable annual subscription.

The platform helps simplify and automate performance reviews with features like email notifications, job-specific templates, and e-signatures.

Some of Reviewsnap’s prominent features include:

  • 360-Degree feedback: Incorporate comprehensive feedback from all angles.
  • Performance notes: Easily keep track of performance-related notes and build a repository of performance notes to utilize during performance reviews.
  • Real-time performance management: Utilize real-time feedback and automated reviews with email notifications and e-signatures.
  • Online employee evaluations: Enjoy the convenience of online evaluations, saving time and manual tracking.

Pricing: Reviewsnap hasn’t provided any pricing details, so you can contact them to obtain a customized quote.

Wrap up

Choosing the right performance management software is a critical decision for any organization. Betterworks, while a comprehensive platform, might not always fit your specific needs and budget constraints.

Ultimately, the best choice for your organization depends on your specific needs, budget, and the features that align with your goals. We hope that by exploring these options, you have found the right fit for your performance management needs.