Ready to unravel the mysteries behind nurturing a positive and inclusive workplace culture, tapping into employees' perspectives and experiences across all levels?

A company culture survey is like a kaleidoscope, offering a colorful glimpse into the ever-evolving patterns of your workplace atmosphere. It helps build a thriving workplace environment, fostering productivity, talent retention, and a positive brand reputation.

The engagement vs response matrix identifies the level of engagement of employees in an organization and helps in taking actions to improve employee engagement.

What Is an Organizational Culture Survey?

Let's explore the purpose of a company culture survey.

An organizational culture survey analyzes employee feedback to evaluate and improve organizational values, ethics, and leadership methods, thus aligning culture with business goals and enhancing workplace dynamics. Since it gives us real-time feedback on employee satisfaction and experiences, it is indispensable in fostering a healthy workplace culture. 

Why Do We Need a Corporate Culture Survey??

A corporate culture survey gives essential insights for nurturing a positive work environment, connecting values with actions and achieving higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and organizational success.

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Work Culture Survey Questions

  1. How would you describe our company culture in three words?
  2. Do you feel that our workplace is inclusive and respectful of diverse backgrounds and opinions?
  3. What changes would you suggest to improve our workplace culture?
  4. Do you believe that management clearly communicates the company's values and expectations?
  5. Do you feel your ideas and opinions are valued by your team?
  6. What initiatives would you like to see implemented to improve workplace culture?
  7. Do you feel the work environment encourages innovation and creativity?

Dos and Don’ts of organizational culture survey

Show commitment by acting on the feedback and suggestions Relying on one survey as it can’t provide a complete picture of an organisation’s culture
Show how the survey's objectives and results will be used to improve the workplace Don’t wait too long between surveys
Conduct surveys regularly and keep it anonymous Avoid conducting the survey without any benchmarks for comparison