In today's competitive environment, employee engagement plays a key role in promoting productivity, satisfaction and overall success of organizations. The popular employee engagement platform Leapsome is highly recognized and positively reviewed for its comprehensive capabilities.

But if you're looking for alternatives to Leapsome or new ways to improve employee engagement, you're in the right place. In this article, we present you with 15 best alternatives and competitors to Leapsome that can take your employee engagement initiatives to the next level.

Let's take a brief look at each of them:

1. ThriveSparrow

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's homepage

ThriveSparrow is a continuous employee success platform designed to foster a thriving workplace where employees are empowered, motivated, and recognized for their contributions.

One of the core pillars of ThriveSparrow is Engage which helps organizations bolster employee engagement. Engage offers a range of tools and features that facilitate effective communication, collaboration and feedback within the organization.

The other important pillar of ThriveSparrow is Kudos which helps organizations in recognizing and celebrating employee talents and achievements. Kudos offers robust recognition capabilities that allow managers and colleagues to recognize and appreciate exceptional work by individuals or teams.

Some of ThriveSparrow's remarkable features that elevate employee engagement:

  • Kudos cards: Send appreciation points with Kudos cards and create a culture of recognition by linking your core org values with essential motivators.
  • Leaderboard: Discover your team’s brightest stars by fostering a healthy competition.
  • Rewards system: Allow employees to redeem rewards of their choice from their favorite stores.
  • Foster greater collaboration: Equip your employees with a forum to share ideas, appreciate each other, and collaborate.
  • Drive Engagement: Measure and assess engagement levels with interactive heatmaps and insights from manager reports, and take data-driven steps to enhance engagement.
  • Research-backed question banks: Create and share surveys in under 2 minutes using research-backed question banks.

The third pillar of ThriveSparrow is Performance. With this module, the process of conducting performance assessments becomes easier. The platform's GAP analysis and Individual reports help managers pinpoint employee strengths and blindspots.


ThriveSparrow offers a 14-day free trial to help you experience the platform to its fullest.

There are 3 pricing plans, billed annually:

Engage: $3/month/employee

Kudos: $2/month/employee

Performance: $5/month/employee.

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2. Culture Amp

A screenshot of Culture Amp's homepage

Culture Amp is an employee experience platform that serves as a noteworthy Leapsome alternative, aiding more than 5,000 companies worldwide in enhancing employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Culture Amp provides employee feedback and analytics globally, supporting organizations from high-growth startups to Fortune 500 companies. The platform's continuous listening, feedback, and development tools span the entire employee lifecycle, empowering companies to make confident decisions and effectively prioritize resources for maximum individual and organizational performance.

Feature highlights

  • Ready-to-use surveys: Run employee onboarding, exit, and pulse surveys using 40+ science-backed and customizable survey templates.
  • Focus Agent: Analyze employee engagement feedback results and determine areas of action to drive impact.
  • Retention Insights: This feature helps reduce and prevent turnovers with turnover warning signals.
  • Powerful analytics: Analyze employee engagement data points with insights from heatmaps, trend lines, and benchmark comparisons.


CultureAmp has 3 plans and an enterprise plan all of which require a custom quote.

3. Bonusly

A screenshot of Bonusly's homepage

Bonusly is a peer-to-peer recognition platform that helps HR professionals, team leaders and small business owners create engaging environments by putting recognition in the hands of those closest to them. With an extensive list of international digital awards, Bonusly reduces the administrative time needed to turn recognition into tangible benefits. 

Key features of Bonusly that helps organizations enhance employee engagement:

  • Peer-recognition: Enable employees to instantly express appreciation for their peers with points that can redeemed for rewards, ultimately improving their happiness and morale.
  • Meaningful employee rewards: Incentivize your employees with a wide range of rewards: digital gift cards, company swag, cashouts, and charitable donations.
  • Automated milestones: Automated your milestone workflows so you never miss anyone's special day.
  • Handy integrations: Make recognition a fun and rewarding experience with easy integrations for communication and collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts Chat.


Core: $2.70/user/month billed annually

Pro: $4.50/user/month billed annually

Custom: For this plan, you can book a demo or contact them to obtain the pricing details.

4. Engagedly

A screenshot of engagedly's homepage

Engagedly stands out as a comprehensive talent management platform that goes beyond the conventional, addressing every facet of the employee experience. Serving as a robust Leapsome alternative, Engagedly is designed to support organizations in areas such as performance execution, learning & development, and employee engagement.

What makes it even more powerful is its integration with Marissa AI, offering valuable assistance to managers and employees in the pursuit of building a high-performance organization.

Most prominent features

  • E10 engagement survey: Run frequent AI-powered engagement and pulse surveys that allows for efficient measurement of employee engagement.
  • Gamification: Gamify work routines with custom badges and points for each achievement that make it more engaging and enjoyable for employees.
  • Custom rewards: Build a high performance organization by recognizing and rewarding employees with tailored reward programs.
  • Remote work collaboration tools: Social Feed enables greater collaboration and improved knowledge sharing among remote teams.


The Base Package starts at $9/member/month


Rewards & Recognition: $5/member/month

Growth & Learning: $5/member/month

Mentoring Suite: $2/member/month

5. Workvivo

A screenshot of Workvivo's homepage

Workvivo is an employee experience platform designed to amplify employee engagement and communication at the workplace. Workvivo focuses on employee engagement and communication and offers robust features such as social recognition, employee surveys, and virtual events.

Workvivo works on 4 key pillars:

  • Employee communication: Communicate effectively through multiple channels, measure and gather feedback through polls and surveys.
  • Employee experience: Foster a positive work environment through public recognition and nominations.
  • Employee engagement: Promote open communication and knowledge sharing, and enhance visibility with the Smart people directory.
  • Social intranet: Streamline workflows, reduce digital noise, and centralize information for a more efficient and engaging work experience.


Workvivo offers 2 plans and 3 add-on plans all of which require you to contact sales since the pricing isn't disclosed.

6. Officevibe

A screenshot of Officevibe's landing page

Officevibe, a renowned Leapsome alternative, is an employee experience platform dedicated to fostering connections and building trust among team members, whether working remotely or in a physical office.

Trusted by over 50,000 companies globally, including industry giants like Dyson, Trivago, and Bose, Officevibe employs a scientific approach to enhance understanding of teams. Through anonymous surveys, it creates a safe space for employees to share candid feedback, enabling you to take meaningful actions based on their insights.

What makes Officevibe an ideal engagement platform:

  • Automated pulse surveys: Run weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly surveys and remove bias with help from a bank of 122 science-backed questions.
  • eNPS surveys: Measure your brand's reputation as an ideal employer and your employees loyalty using frequent eNPS surveys.
  • Robust reports: Track feedback response rates across your teams, and analyze and compare employee experience with industry benchmarks.
  • Spark recognition: Enable employees to appreciate each other with cards that help motivate and develop team members.


Officevibe offers a free version with basic functionality. It has 2 other paid plans billed annually.

Essential: $3.50/person/month

Pro: $5/person/month

7. Lattice

A screenshot of Lattice's homepage

Lattice is a people management platform that helps organizations invest in people and accelerate business results. The platform has a benchmarking feature that allows you to compare the latest survey results with previous ones to gauge how the company is doing. You can also compare your internal survey results with third-party benchmarks to get an idea of ​​how you compare against other companies. 

If Lattice isn't your pick, we've compiled a list of the best Lattice alternatives for you to choose from.

Key features of Lattice include:

  • OKRs & Goals: Lattice integrates company OKRs and goals into employees' daily routines, keeping them top of mind and guiding their work.
  • eNPS: Measure your employee's loyalty and identify their sentiment.
  • Actionable insights: Get a deep-dive into engagement survey results to find specific ways to improve the employee experience.
  • Optimize employee experience: Lattice provides tools to gather feedback, and helps managers close the loop on feedback.


Performance Management + OKRs & Goals: $11/person/month

Engagement: $4/person/month

Grow: $4/person/month

Compensation: $6/person/month

8. Workmates

A screenshot of Workmates' homepage

Workmates, a robust Leapsome alternative, stands out as an employee engagement platform equipped with a comprehensive set of tools designed to aid employers in cultivating and enhancing their relationships with employees. Its intranet-style user interface serves as a focal point for internal communication, engagement, recognition and creating a culture that employees at all levels can participate in.

Workmates is known for helping organizations from all sectors boost their employee experience.

Some of Workmates key features include:

  • Polls and surveys: Quickly develop and send polls and surveys with the survey builder.
  • Campaign Manager: Automate engagement flows for new employees, newsletters, and company feed posts. Schedule, start, and forget.
  • Employee intranet: This social intranet feature helps employees across departments connect with each other and celebrate achievements.
  • Directory & org chart: Customize directories the way you see fit. Scan, filter, and view org charts, team structures, and important employee information.


Workmates provides 3 plans paid annually.

Recognition: $2/user/month

Essential: $3.50/user/month

Premium: $5/user/month

9. ClearCompany

A screenshot of ClearCompany's landing page

ClearCompany is a talent management software platform that helps businesses of all sizes attract, hire, retain, and develop top talent. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that support the entire talent lifecycle, from recruiting to onboarding to performance management.

How ClearCompany helps with employee engagement:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition: Build trust and appreciation with direct, public acknowledgments, fostering company culture and inspiring teamwork.
  • Automated celebrations: Honor birthdays and milestones automatically, enhancing workplace community and employee connectedness.
  • Goal alignment and feedback: Support employee success by aligning goals, providing feedback loops, and demonstrating the impact of individual work on team and business results.
  • Employee-manager collaboration: Foster trust and collaboration with productive 1:1 meetings, facilitated coaching, and problem-solving through the ClearCompany platform. Keep updates, action items, and feedback easily accessible for reference.


ClearCompany hasn't disclosed their pricing, so you'll need to request a custom quote.

10. ChatFox

A screenshot of ChatFox's homepage

ChatFox is a Slack chat that aims to boost employee engagement for companies. It achieves this by initiating different types of conversations like Icebreakers, Shout Outs, Virtual Coffee, and Birthdays.

The platform allows managers to upload data, such as team member participation scores, skills, and icebreaker responses. Managers can also share recommendations to enhance rewards, skills assessment, and internal mobility.

Most prominent features

  • Fun conversation starters: ChatFox's most interesting feature that includes conversation starters like icebreakers, virtual coffee, shoutouts, and birthdays.
  • NVC based feedback: Non-Violent Communication (NVC)-based chat can be configured for one-on-one private feedback to listen to and assess individual needs.
  • Engagement charts: ChatFox chat metrics gives you a bird's eye view of how engaged your team is every week.
  • Chat cadence: Managers can maintain chat cadence within Slack by updating channels and chat schedules, accessing settings and team members' history, reviewing team's activities, and turning on/off chats.


The platform is downloadable and free to use for upto 25 conversation starters.

The premium plan starts at $1/user/month.

11. Plai

A screenshot of Plai's homepage

Plai is a people and performance management platform that helps teams set goals, track progress, provide feedback, and boost motivation for improved performance and team growth. It's AI capabilites helps you understand your team better and speed up operations.

How Plai helps with employee engagement:

  • Surveys: Run satisfaction, engagement, and pulse surveys to measure and improve team engagement.
  • Praise: Celebrate wins and reward top performers in just a few steps.
  • One-on-ones: Schedule meetings, collaborate on agenda, track notes, and follow-ups. Conduct meaningful one-on-ones with 100+ suggested questions and templates.
  • Reviews: Develop 360-degree, self, and performance reviews with custom questionnaires tailored to your company's structure and needs.


Starter: $2.4/user/month

Pro: $4/user/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing best for 1000+ people companies

12. Heartpace

A screenshot of Heartpace's homepage

Heartpace, a modular HR system and a noteworthy Leapsome alternative, is strategically crafted to empower decision-making through data-driven insights across all HR processes. It operates on 4 key modules - HR management, performance management, pay management, and people analytics.

Key features

  • Feedback & surveys: Build a culture of feedback and continuous performance with 360-degree feedback, employee surevys, and questionairres.
  • Goals & follow-up toolkit: Streamline goal management with OKRs and the Balanced Scorecard, and provide continuous feedback to foster a winning culture.
  • Performance management: Conduct structured development meetings to cultivate engagement and higher performance.
  • People analytics: Gain relevant insights about all employees to make informed HR decisions.


The pricing hasn't been disclosed, so you'll need to book a call first.

13. Synergita

A screenshot of Synergita's landing page

Synergita is a continuous employee performance management software. It automates employee talent data, employee goals alignment, continuous employee performance reviews & feedback, employee engagement, employee development & retention. It is extremely simple and easy to use.

How Synergita helps engage employees:

  • Boost employee engagement: Synergita Engage offers an array of tools – surveys, polls, social media integration, and recognition programs – to uplift employee engagement.
  • Improve employee performance: Utilize continuous feedback, goal setting, and development tools to enhance overall employee performance.
  • Share thoughts and praises with less effort: voiceNOTES and voiceMAGIC enables employees to share appreciation and post compliments without having to type anything.
  • Recognition on the go: Express gratitude and compliments conveniently with a user-friendly mobile app.


Synergita has 4 pricing plans, billed annually.

Engage: $2/employee/month

Perform Plus: $7/employee/month

OKR Growth: $5/employee/month

All in one: $12/employee/month

14. 15Five

A screenshot of 15Five's homepage

15Five, a prominent Leapsome alternative, is a continuous performance management platform dedicated to fostering effective leaders, productive employees, and thriving work environments. Evidence-based research provided by the platform allows real-time access to accurate measurement of employee performance.

In addition to that, managers can rely on the extensive tools available to support and improve their team's performance. 15Five empowers managers to articulate and monitor key goals for all employees, enabling a focused approach on priorities.

Some of 15Five's key features include:

  • Prompt surveys: Send science-backed surveys in 2 clicks across your organization.
  • Impact analysis: Use the HR outcomes dashaboard for a comprehensive overview on engagement data.
  • Customizable Surveys: Tailor surveys to your company's needs with best-practice templates for engagement, manager effectiveness, DEI, and more.
  • In-House Advising and Coaching: Executive advisers assist in creating an engagement strategy.


Engage: $4/user/month billed annually

Perform: $10/user/month billed annually

Total Platform: $16/user/month billed annually

15. Betterworks

A screenshot of Betterworks' homepage

Betterworks is an intelligent performance management platform that focuses on empowering people to reach their highest potential. With its objective key result (OKR) and performance enablement features, organizations can empower their employees and operate effectively.

This helps Teams focus more on what matters most and achieve better results across the enterprise, even when working remotely. The software aligns teams and individual goals according to the organization's top priorities. This facilitates ongoing training, skill development and recognition.

Key features

  • Tailor surveys: Customizable eNPS, D&I, and pulse surveys to address specific employee engagement drivers.
  • Benchmarking: Compare data against responses from diverse industries.
  • Real-time feedback: Tune into employee sentiments and concerns at every step and gather honest and real-time feedback.
  • Intelligent analytics: Apply AI and machine learning for sophisticated analysis of pulse, survey, and poll data.


Since the pricing isn't available, You'll need to request a demo or contact their sales team.

Wrapping up

Although Leapsome is a well-known employee engagement platform, alternatives like ThriveSparrow provide valuable tools to assist organizations in optimizing performance and fostering growth. We trust that the information on the top 15 Leapsome alternatives shared in this blog aids you in making an informed decision.