Grace Smith
February 19, 2024

Lattice is renowned for its people management capabilities, particularly in boosting employee engagement and performance with insightful analytics. However, some users may seek alternatives due to its perceived limited flexibility, customization options, and challenges in navigation.

These factors may also prompt HR professionals to explore other platforms offering more tailored features and user-friendly interfaces.

In response to this need, we've compiled a list of the top 10 alternatives and competitors to Lattice, aimed at providing HRs with enhanced employee engagement solutions and more intuitive feedback mechanisms.

Top 10 Lattice Alternatives for Enhanced Employee Engagement and Feedback

If you love Lattice, but there are certain aspects of it that you would like to change, check out these 10 alternatives that might be a better fit for your company.

1. ThriveSparrow

A screenshot of ThriveSparrow's Homepage

ThriveSparrow stands out as a top Lattice alternative, offering a comprehensive employee success platform designed to revolutionize and simplify the management of employee experiences. This platform features an array of surveys, including engagement, pulse, and eNPS surveys.

The assurance of anonymity in feedback promotes a culture of honesty and transparency, enabling HR professionals to accurately assess the organization's overall sentiment.

Additionally, ThriveSparrow introduces a unique peer-to-peer recognition system, where employees can celebrate each other's successes and award appreciation points, redeemable for various rewards. This enhances the overall employee performance management process.

ThriveSparrow facilitates effortless 360-degree assessments, providing individualized reports that highlight each employee's strengths and areas for growth, thereby streamlining the employee development journey.

ThriveSparrow Best Features

  • Engagement surveys: Get started quickly and launch your engagement surveys in 2 minutes with research-backed question banks.
  • Dynamic heatmaps: Visualize employee engagement patterns across departments, and identify areas where you need to target your engagement efforts.
  • Kudos cards: Users can send appreciation points with Kudos cards, creating a culture of recognition aligned with core organizational values.
  • Leaderboard: ThriveSparrow's leaderboard feature identifies top contributors and encourages healthy competition within the team.
  • Rewards system: Employees have the opportunity to redeem rewards of their choice from their favorite stores, enhancing motivation and engagement.
  • Team analytics: Empower your managers with dynamic reports to pinpoint the key drivers of engagement
  • 360-degree assessments: The admin can share 360 degree assessments with relevant individuals and gather their feedback.


ThriveSparrow's innovative approach and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice in the employee experience domain.

ThriveSparrow Pricing

Engage: $3/month/employee

Kudos: $2/month/employee

Engage+Kudos: Get the best of both Engage and Kudos, in just $4/month/employee.

2. 15Five

A screenshot of 15Five's Homepage

15Five is an employee engagement platform designed for HRs seeking impactful and user-friendly engagement surveys. It is a good alternative to Lattice for setting goals and checking in regularly with employees to understand their progress. The platform is also a great choice for giving timely and consistent feedback to employees, which aids in their personal and professional development as well. 

15Five Best Features

  • Tailored surveys: Science-backed surveys that can be deployed in 2 clicks and completed in just 6 minutes on any device. Templates help tailor surveys for the entire company or specific groups.
  • In-house advising and coaching: Executive advisors and coaches help managers develop and execute engagement strategies.
  • Manager actions: Organize high-impact actions that managers need to take, all at one place.
  • Weekly check-ins: Help managers schedule check-ins and connect with their team, giving actionable insights.


  1. There is no HRIS integration available.
  2. The commenting process is cumbersome.

15Five Pricing

15Five offers 4 different affordable plans billed annually,

Engage: $4/month per user

Perform: $10/month per user

Total Platform: $16/month per user

Transform: Contact for pricing

3. Workday

A screenshot of Workday's homepage

Workday is an employee experience platform focused on delivering personalized experiences to meet the evolving needs of each employee. From recruitment to payroll and overall management, Workday is a suitable Lattice alternative that assists HR managers in every stage of the employee experience.

Aside from the Payroll functions and other financial tools you can use, Succession Planning lets you plan out everything that needs to happen during the day. The platform also offers features for conversational interactions, friendly reminders, and powerful analytics to measure the impact of organizational changes on key business objectives.

Workday Best Features

Conversational interactions: The Workday Assistant facilitates everyday tasks through simple conversational commands, making processes like time-off requests more intuitive.

Intelligent surveys: Automate your surveys with smart algorithms and ask the right questions with research-backed question banks.

Personalized dashboards: Give employees personalized insights, and managers recommendations for improving engagement.

Actionable insights: Machine learning insights show patterns and recommended plans that help evaluate employee experience and engagement.


Interface is good, but has limitations.

Report creation may need training. The platform lacks flexibility.

Workday Pricing

Workday hasn't included its pricing, so you can request a 1:1 demo with them and enquire about the pricing.

4. Betterworks

A screenshot of Betterworks' homepage

Betterworks is an intelligent performance management solution that helps companies engage employees and boost management effectiveness. Betterworks' engagement platform enhances workplace culture through its comprehensive employee engagement surveys that can be tailored to various needs including eNPS and D&I.

The platform's advanced analytics, powered by AI and machine learning, offers deep insights into organizational health and employee sentiments. The tool is geared towards turning these insights into actionable plans, empowering leaders to make informed decisions and foster a more engaged workforce.

Betterworks Best Features

  • Employee engagement surveys: Tailored surveys, including eNPS, D&I, and pulse surveys, capture feedback throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Culture of transparency: Anonymity of survey responses encourage honest feedback from employees.
  • Intelligent analytics: AI and machine learning capabilities help uncover trends and areas for improvement.
  • Actionable insights:Convert insights into actionable plans, guiding leadership to improve the overall employee experience.


UX may be obsolete.

A ‘to-do’ tracking feature is absent.

The learning curve is high.

Betterworks Pricing

Betterworks hasn't included their pricing on their site, so you'll need to contact them for the pricing.

5. Reflektive

A screenshot of Reflektive's homepage

Reflektive is a performance management platform that enhances employee engagement, productivity, and retention through continuous feedback and conversations. Its integrations with email, chat, and mobile makes communication accessible for everyone.

Because the processes are so complicated, the app's payment plans are pretty pricey. Still, Reflektive is one of those value for money platforms that is thought to be one of the best Lattice alternatives on the market when it comes to the functions that are offered.

It gives business owners a way to keep track of progress, set goals for the company, and see how productive their workers are. The 360-degree feedback feature also lets you say interesting and useful things about how your employees do their jobs and what they can change to make their work better.

Reflektive Best Features

  • Recognition tools: These highlight the impact and value of employees' work, boosting performance.
  • Surveys with natural language processing: NLP and sentiment analysis summarizes qualitative findings for deeper insights, put together in pre-built dashboards and reports.
  • Benchmarking Tools: Compare your company's performance against industry standards and historical data to measure progress.
  • Action Plans: Develop and implement targeted strategies based on survey results to enhance engagement and productivity.


Integration of goals across departments can be tedious.

Methods to measure goals are limited.

Reflektive Pricing

Reflektive offers a custom pricing based on your needs. You'll need to book a demo with them to find your plan.

6. Officevibe

A screenshot of Officevibe's landing page

Workleap Officevibe is an employee experience solution that helps HR leaders and managers drive talent retention and team performance with simple tools for engagement, recognition, and performance management. Through surveys and anonymous comments, the platform lets you know how your employees are feeling. With Officevibe, you can keep track of your team's progress and help them grow quickly.

Officevibe is one of those top-notch alternatives to Lattice that equips you with the tools to coach and mentor your employees, bridging the gap between potential and performance. The built-in one-on-one meeting feature helps you see a clear picture of how things work in your company.

Officevibe Best Features

  • Automated pulse survey: 122 science-backed questions together with its smart algorithm helps remove biases and assess the team climate.
  • DEIB surveys: Apart from the standard employee surveys like pulse and eNPS, this survey focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives.
  • View by filtering: Filter engagement metrics, type, tone, and more thus helping improve manager effectiveness.
  • Streamlined one-on-ones: Access one-on-one meeting agendas, notes, and action items to speed up performance reviews.
  • Feedback Topics: This AI-assisted features helps HR leaders and executives get a 360-degree of employee sentiment.


The analysis feature is not as strong.

No OKR tracking.

Officevibe Pricing

Officevibe provide a free plan with limited usage along with 2 other premium plans, billed annually.

Essential: $3.50/month per user

Pro: $5/month per user

7. Leapsome

A screenshot of Leapsome's homepage

Leapsome is an intelligent people enablement platform that helps CEOs and HR teams at forward-thinking companies close the loop between learning, performance management, and employee engagement

The platform's engagement surveys uncovers the key factors driving engagement within an organization. It provides easy-to-set-up surveys and powerful analytics to understand employee sentiment and inform actions for improvement.

Leapsome Best Features

  • Customizable surveys: Use custom questions and scientifically-backed templates to collect comprehensive employee feedback.
  • Sentiment analysis: Get an in-depth sentiment analysis of responses powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
  • Actionable analytics: Enables understanding of engagement drivers impacting performance and retention, with segmentation options for more targeted insights.
  • Anonymous conversations: Facilitates confidential discussions with respondents, maintaining anonymity while gaining detailed feedback.


  • Setting up meetings can be tiresome due to poor UX
  • The ‘Goals’ feature needs more expansion
  • There is no Reward and Recognition function

Leapsome Pricing

Leapsome doesn't provide its pricing, so you can request them for a custom quote by booking a demo.


A screenshot of Profitco's homepage is an OKR software designed to enhance strategic execution and goal management. This Lattice alternative trusted by thousands of brands, including Fortune 500 companies, for its comprehensive approach to business growth and performance.'s Employee Engagement Software offers a wide range of tools that enhance workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Profitco Best Features

  • Pulse survey: Flexible survey builder for anonymous employee feedback.
  • 1:1 meetings: Facilitates regular employee-manager meetings to review work and identify potential roadblocks.
  • Awards: Recognizes and appreciates employee accomplishments to foster a positive culture.
  • Leaderboard: Helps recognize top performers and their achievements in the organization.
  • Collaboration tools: Encourages teamwork with features like @mentions and #tags, and includes a reward system for acknowledging progress.


  • Software navigation is difficult.
  • Some measures are counterintuitive.

Profitco Pricing

OKRs & Tasks, and Performance Management & Goals are the Primary modules.

The add-ons include Strategy Management, 1-on-1 & Team Meetings, Rewards & Recognition, and Employee Engagement.

All of these modules and add-ons have no pricing details on them, so can schedule a demo with them to know the pricing.

9. Culture Amp

A screenshot of Culture Amp's homepage

Culture Amp is the world's leading platform and a worthy Lattice alternative for enhancing the employee experience. With the most up-to-date research, technology, and the world's biggest dataset of employees, Culture Amp makes it easy to create a confident, data-driven people plan that helps employees and makes the business successful.

Companies can make and run programs to engage employees and control their success with Culture Amp. Their polls, which are based on science, give useful information and data on a wide range of topics, such as involvement, the duty of care, and well-being. Because of this, Culture Amp partners have seen more new ideas, more money, and even happier customers.

Culture Amp Best Features

  • Customizable survey templates: Over 30 science-backed templates helps you collect and understand data on engagement, DEI, onboarding, and more.
  • Intuitive dashboards for Leaders: Dashboards provides leaders with tools for improving retention and engagement with comment analysis.
  • Retention Insights: Early warning system to predict, identify and address turnover risks.
  • Focus Agent: Pinpoints and prioritize high-impact areas for immediate action.


  • The sign-in process is inconsistent.
  • The admin interface is too clunky.
  • HRIS integration might be a bit challenging.

Culture Amp Pricing

All of its 3 modules, Engage, Perform, and Develop, requires you to ask for a quote.

10. Bamboo HR

A screenshot of Bamboo HR homepage

BambooHR is a tool for managing people that can help you with all the issues you might face in your business. Many people think it's one of the best Lattice alternatives on the market because it has so many cool features. One way to use the combined employee recognition system is to reward subordinates who meet their goals and meet the standards for performance management.

This platform aims to foster a culture of growth, two-way communication, and action for an overall better employee experience. Further, the 360-degree feedback lets you positively impact the growth of your employees by evaluating their work and creating a plan for change. You can also use the team development tool that is built into the progress tracking feature.

Bamboo HR Best Features

  • Employee satisfaction with eNPS: This module measures employee satisfaction and provides insights into it with keyword tagging and sentiment analysis.
  • Performance management: Manage performance goals and assessments that helps in recognizing and supporting employee potential.
  • Employee wellbeing surveys: Conduct regular check-ins on happiness, engagement, and relationship health at work with a collection of highly researched questions.
  • Employee database: A secure database helps track and protect employees' personal and payment data.


  • The implementation process might get a bit tedious because of the lack of proper instructions.
  • The reporting aspect is not as user-friendly as one hopes.

Bamboo HR Pricing

  • Essentials: Contact for pricing
  • Advantage: Contact for pricing

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